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Amazon Role Models

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One of the problems we all face when starting out trying to make money online is knowing exactly what to do, and who to listen to.

It’s absolutely overwhelming. There are a whole host of voices vying for our attention and, more often than not, our cash.

Perhaps the most common mistake when starting out is thinking that we have to discover the right way to do everything for ourselves. We end up spending a lot of time and wasted effort figuring out the most basic of tasks, and inevitably making a lot of mistakes along the way.

I am a firm believer that there is no need to reinvent the wheel in life – and making money online is no different!

Over the coming weeks, NerdyBookGirl will be presenting a series of case studies about people who have absolutely crushed it at making cash on Amazon.

As an introduction to the series, read on to discover how to make the most of Amazon role models, and why they are a serious shortcut to success.

The Killer Benefits Role Models Bring To The Table

The benefits of having a proper role model to follow are too many to fully list. However, some of the key benefits are as follows –

  • Learn from the mistakes of others
  • Follow a tried and tested path
  • Shorten your learning curve
  • Adopt efficient processes

Perhaps the best reason to have a role model for your Amazon endeavors is to avoid fundamental, rookie errors which you would inevitably make on your own.

Think about any new skillset or process you set out to master in your life. There were probably a lot of simple mistakes you made starting out which look absurd in hindsight.

However, as trivial as they may seem in retrospect, the time you spend making and learning from those basic rookie errors is the time you will never recover.

By following the advice of a role model, you eliminate all of the basic rookie stumbling in the dark, and instead, take a more disciplined and focused approach to start out generating wealth on Amazon.

Paying attention to the wisdom of a role model also stops you from trying out an idea which simply wouldn’t work.

If you are new to Amazon then you may have an idea for a product which you think is a sure ticket to success.

However, as plausible as it may seem to an outsider, an Amazon role model may be able to nix your idea right away.

Why? Their experience and familiarity with Amazon allow them to more accurately assess if any given product has a real chance of doing well or not.

This may be down to something as simple as your idea violating one of Amazon’s rules or regulations – something you simply wouldn’t know as a newcomer.

The right role model can also point you down a refined path of learning. Think about a wise professor or teacher – they can give you a helping hand with regards to the best resources, the right things to read and the tried and tested names within any given field.

By following the learning tips and guidelines of a role model who has experienced success on Amazon, you can dramatically shorten the time it takes for you to progress. The end result? More money made in less time.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Who Makes The Right Role Model?

Hopefully, by now, you are sold on the benefits of Amazon role models in general.

Like anything else online, it’s absolutely vital to be discerning and only pay attention to the right people. After all, following bad advice is almost always worse than not following any advice at all.

So, how can you know who to trust when drawing inspiration for Amazon?

You should be able to see some kind of tangible track record of success from anyone you are considering following. If they claim to be able to help you sell a lot of fiction books, for example, you will want to see evidence of their own success, as well as satisfied clients who have in turn been helped by them.

A lack of a clear and credible track record is a major red flag which you always need to listen to, no matter what.

The second key thing to consider when vetting potential role models are the concept of suitability. Basically, ask yourself if someone is the right person for you to learn from.

Something to keep in mind when considering this is how closely the person you are going to be learning from one’s own activities resemble what you want to get into.

For example, if the person you are considering as an Amazon role model has published fiction, but you want to publish non-fiction, wouldn’t it be better to find a role model more closely aligned with your own activities?

Yes, you can almost always learn something from anyone successful – but it’s better to learn as much relevant information from a person as possible.

Another thing to think about when seeking out a role model is what the person’s motivation is, and whether they would be a good fit for your personality.

If it seems like someone is entirely motivated by making money, steer well clear of them. There is no harm or problem with legitimate teachers/experts charging for their services – however, if money is all they care about, you are sure to have problems with them in the future.

Instead, seek out a role model who seems to genuinely care about helping people and sharing their knowledge with them. You are likely to benefit a lot more from the search for a person. You also want to consider whether the potential role model’s personality is a good fit with your own – we are a lot more likely to take on board the ideas and information from a person we genuinely like and get on well with, rather than someone who is very different from yourself.

How To Make The Most Of A Role Model

Once you have found the right role model, it’s important to make the most efficient use of them in order to gain the maximum level of benefit for your own Amazon efforts. Consider the following rules for making the most out of a role model relationship –


A trap you must avoid falling into is seeing anyone role model as infallible or seeing them as some kind of guru whose advice cannot be questioned.

Understand that even the best online money making experts, even the people with the most knowledge and experience, are just people like you or me. They still make mistakes and can still give bad advice.

Of course, if you have been careful to find the right Amazon role model, then they will give less bad advice than you would expect on average. However, it’s still crucial to avoid following them blindly. Instead, listen to their ideas and suggestions, but always remain a critical, logical frame of assessment towards them.


It can be tempting to fall into the trap of becoming addicted to ideas and information.

This occurs when you spend an excessive amount of time learning about the many ideas and avenues which exist for you on Amazon – instead of actually putting them into practice and seeing which you are able to experience success with!

It’s a lot better to take one, actionable piece of advice your Amazon role model talks about, and actually implementing it before moving on and trying out anything else.

This will ensure you avoid the trap of information overload and instead focus on seeing what really does and does not work for you.


Sometimes, your Amazon role model may offer you some advice which is good advice – just not for your circumstance.

Always consider if whether the advice on offer is right for you. For example, some good ways of making money on Amazon may require some form of upfront cost, for example taking out Facebook ads to drive traffic towards a particular product.

This may be a tried and tested strategy which has worked for many – but if you don’t have the advertising budget to make it work, it’s not right for you.

Never fail to consider whether you have the resources at your disposal, and the timescale over which to use them, in order to make any Amazon strategy work out.


Realize that an Amazon role model’s job is to guide you – not to constrain you.

You should never feel as if you are held back simply because a role model suggests you should do things a certain way, but you want to try out something else.

Never be afraid to trust your intuition, and to try things out for yourself. Learning from your own mistakes can be valuable at times.

Ideally, you will use the ideas and advice of your Amazon as a foundation, on which you can then build your own approach.

Role Model Roundup

So there you have it – the main reasons why you need an Amazon role model in your life, and some of the best ways to ensure you thrive on the advice offered.

So, who should you consider as a candidate for your Amazon role model?

Don’t worry – NerdyBookGirl has got you covered.

Starting soon, we will be presenting you with some case studies on tried and tested Amazon champs, and how you can apply their ideas and experiences to your own online endeavors.

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