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What Is the Best Backlit Keyboard? 2023 Top 10 Comparison

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It seems that this Nerdy Book Girl is obsessed with keyboards. But this time, I want to talk about a very specific type: the best Backlit Keyboard.

These are pretty sweet in their own right. They’re often a popular choice for the gaming community (Shout out to my fellow WoW Nerds! Lok’tar Ogar!), but that doesn’t mean we writers can’t take advantage of their awesomeness!

So, I’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of my top ten backlit keyboards for writers. And if you don’t see your favorite on here, reach out to me and let me know! As authoritatively concrete this list is… It can be open for change. 😉

Now enough babbling, it’s time for the best backlit keyboards for writers.

What is the best backlit keyboard? Here’s my top 10 list:

  1. Corsair K100
  2. Logitech K845
  3. Matias Keyboard for Mac
  4. Azio Large Print Keyboard
  5. Havit Mechanical Keyboard
  6. Logitech K740
  7. Artech Bluetooth Portable
  8. Logitech MX Keys
  9. Redragon S101
  10. RK Royal Kludge

Best backlit keyboards comparison chart (top 7 highest rated)

Here is a list of the different types of backlit keyboards that I cover in this article:

  • Mechanical
  • Membrane
  • Wireless
  • Wired
  • Best for style
  • Travel
  • Ergonomic

Best light-up keyboard reviews

And if you’ve made it this far, I assume you want to read all my best light-up keyboard reviews. Read on!

1. Corsair K100 RGB (Best Backlit Keyboard Overall)

No products found.

In my opinion, this is the keyboard all the other backlit keyboards want to be when they grow up. It is the true definition of a luxury experience. Encased in a rugged, yet lightweight aluminum frame, this is the best mechanical backlit keyboard and can handle all the love that you are going to want to throw at it. The K100 comes available with all Cherry switches, however I prefer the MX Blues for their tactility and audible clickity-clack. Not only that, this backlit usb keyboard comes with multiple backlit options including the ability to color sync with other Corsair components you may be using. It’s also a dream to read with large print font type on the keys making this ideal for late-night typists or for the visually-impaired such as myself. It also comes well-equipped with luxury options such as:

  • Dedicated Multimedia Keys
  • Detachable Soft Wrist Rest
  • USB Pass-through Port
  • and more!

This keyboard is the real deal Holyfield.


  • Lightweight
  • Multiple backlit options
  • Large print font on the keys


  • Too quiet, for those who like the clickity-clackity

2. Logitech K845 (Best Backlit Wired Keyboard)

No products found.

This is my top pick for best backlit wireless keyboard but isn’t about all the frills. The Logitech K845’s smooth minimalist design focuses more on functionality. But as Ric Flair would say… Whoo! That’s a clean keyboard! It’s very neatfully arranged and it’s compact, low profile arrangement makes for a great placement on any desk. Not to mention the way it handles its illumination. The keys are laser etched to ensure that only the keys’ characters are illuminated providing much needed focus on what really matters. On top of all that, it has an auto-adjustment illumination protocol. This means that the keys adjust their brightness due to ambient illumination. This Logitech lighted keyboard also has a hand proximity detector, so the keys only illuminate when your hands are ready to type saving you power when not typing.


  • Minimalist design
  • Auto-adjustment
  • Proximity detector


  • Not a lot of bells and whistles

3. Matias Keyboard for Mac (Best Backlit Keyboard for Mac)

No products found.

The Matias is the keyboard Apple never made but should have. Keeping with true Mac style, it provides the user with a sleek and modern design. But don’t lets simplicity fool you. Because this is far from your ordinary keyboard. It has a full 2mm of key travel allowing for the tactile leanings and responsiveness you have come to expect form a Mac. The back light can be 100% adjusted via a color wheel enabling either pure white at night (avoiding that blue light) or different hues in order to match your personality. Simply scroll the color wheel and the rainbow is at your fingertips. Another handy feature is that the keyboard has a USB 2.0 port built in. This is great for a mouse, smartphone connection, or jump drive containing the nuclear codes.


  • Great for Macs
  • Adjustible lighting
  • USB Port


  • Limited color options

4. Azio Large Print Keyboard (Best for Tired Eyes)

No products found.

I don’t know about you, but my eyes aren’t as good as they used to be. Which–for the record–wasn’t really that good to begin with. But this keyboard really alleviates extra strain on your eyes allowing you to type at your very best. The back light comes equipped with three different colors: red, blue, and purple. And while it is simplicity at its finest, it does have multimedia control keys to give you a better user experience.

It’s also winner of our NBG Ballin’ on a Budget Award for Keyboards. So, those looking not to break the bank should definitely consider the Azio as a viable option.


  • Eliminates eye strain
  • Three different colors
  • Multimedia control keys


  • Cheaper construction

5. Havit Mechanical Keyboard (Best Lighted Keyboard and Mouse)

No products found.

This lighted keyboard and mouse combo is definitely geared more towards the gaming community. With this, you can choose between 7 different color settings to maximize your gaming experience. Another awesome feature it has is the ability to lock Windows/Context keys when gaming which prevents interruptions. There’s nothing as frustrating as when you’re wrecking kids in Arena with that Disc Priest and you accidentally press that little windows key. Next thing you know, you reenter your game to the sneers of a ten year old and your team asking WTF? But, I digress.


  • Plenty of color settings
  • Keyboard/mouse combo
  • Wrist Rest


  • Some reports of keys getting stuck

6. Logitech K740 (Best Ultra-thin Backlit Keyboard)

No products found.

This Logitech illuminated keyboard is very similar to the K845 above. I personally am a fan of wired backlit keyboards because my needs don’t warrant wireless. But I do love the ultra-thin design of the K740. I believe that a thinner keyboard provides a more comfortable writing experience. My number one wish for both Logitech backlit keyboards is that they came available as a mechanical option with Cherry MX Blues.


  • Lightning fast connectivity


  • Limited colors

7. Artech Portable Bluetooth Keyboard (Best Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard)

No products found.

If you like to travel and write while doing so, this could be the perfect backlit bluetooth keyboard for you. With its ultra-thin frame and extremely lightweight build, the Artech is perfect for carrying around in a backpack, messenger bag, or purse. (Yes. Purse. Don’t lie ladies… you know we got those Mary Poppins purses.) Plus it comes with an industry high battery life of 6 MONTHS! That’s just nuts. It also works for the big 4 platform and OS’s (iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Android), so typing onto anything becomes a breeze. It’s backlit capabilities also make it awfully convenient when typing from inside a tent in the middle of nowhere.


  • Great for travel
  • Great battery life


  • A bit compact

8. Logitech MX Keys (Best Wireless Keyboard)

No products found.

You gotta love Logitech, they’ve got a lot of great options on this list. Now we come to my favorite wireless keyboard from them: the MX Keys. This sucker has everything you need in a keyboard, but you don’t have to worry about cables cluttering your desk. And it has really good connectivity, given the fact that it’s wireless. And it uses a USB-C connector, which is a nice bonus. Its backlighting doesn’t have as many color options as I’d like, but if that isn’t a problem for you, definitely give this keyboard a try.


  • Great wireless connectivity
  • USB-C connector


  • Not a ton of color options

9. Redragon S101 (Best for PC)

No products found.

Not only is this a great keyboard for the PC, it’s also one of the best budget items on the list. At a super low price, it’s by far one of the most popular backlit keyboards out there. It comes with RGB backlighting, with 7 different modes and 3 brightness levels. It also comes with a mouse, which is a nice touch. Personally, I thought this one was a bit cheap in its construction, but that’s to be expected for a keyboard this cheap.


  • Great backlighting
  • Great connectivity on PCs
  • Great price


  • Cheap construction

10. RK Royal Kludge (Best for Style)

No products found.

You know me, I always have to end on something stylish. But this one isn’t just gorgeous, but it’s functional too. It has everything you’d need in an RGB backlit keyboard, including a whopping 168 backlighting modes with 7 color sidelights! And it comes in a nice vintage typewriter format, but with the added modern RGB lighting look. I love it!


  • Amazing style
  • A ton of color modes


  • Basic functionality other than the style that sets it apart

What is a light up wireless keyboard good for?

A light up wireless keyboard is good for low-light situations when you need to see your keys in the dark. They’re primarily used by gamers, but can be really useful for writers as well. Plus, they just look great.

Why Choose Lighted Keyboards?

There are definitely some advantages to using lighted keyboards. However, it boils down to two major pros.

  1. You can totally use your keyboard in the dark.
  2. It looks flippin cool!

Let’s talk a bit about the former. Honestly, I am super lucky to have my dream job as my full time job. That is… I write for a living and mostly during the day. However, I know that’s not the case for everyone. Some of you are sneakily trying to write your first novel while the kids are asleep. Or are pursuing writing as a hobby. And mostly…at night.

I still remember the struggle of trying to write on my old laptop when I was first starting out. The keyboard was not backlit and I was trying to angle the glow from my screen to illuminate my keys. It hurt. It hurt my neck, my eyes, my head, AND my feelings. There needed to be a better way. As my needs grew, I could no longer take the inconvenience of a non-backlit keyboard. I made the switch years ago, and never looked back.

As far as looking cool goes, it true. It totally rocks. As I mentioned above, I like to game. And doing so with my fingers glowing red as I rain down destruction kicks ass.

5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Backlit Keyboard

Just as any major purchase goes, you should put some thought in to choosing the right keyboard for you. So, here are five different things you should consider before making your purchase.

Brightness and Adjustability

How bright does the keyboard illuminate? Are you looking for a soft glowing keyboard or a full-on cornea assault? Make sure you understand just how bright you are looking for. The best option would be to go with a keyboard that can adjust. Or even better one that auto adjusts due to your ambient light.

Programmable Lighting

This may be more for gamers, but… Can you program what parts of your keyboard are illuminated? This can help you zero in and focus on the proper keys.

Lighting Bleed

This refers to how much light bleed is coming from your keys. Is the back light illuminating just the keys? Or everything else? Are there borders between colors or does it look like a dysfunctional rainbow. Look for minimal bleed. Crisp, sharp keys not only feel professional, but reduce the stress on your eyes.

Key Layout

Do you have teeny hands? Or are they soooo YUGE! Like the Yugest hands ever? Either way… How the keys are laid out on a keyboard can really affect how you type and your comfort level. Be sure to choose the appropriate size to prevent hand cramps in the middle of long form typing.

Wireless vs Wired

Should you get a wireless backlit keyboard and mouse, or stick with just a wired backlit keyboard? That option really depends on you. There are pluses and minuses to both.

A light-up wireless keyboard is easier to carry around, is much cleaner, but requires regular changes of the batteries, and can be slightly less responsive if you’re a gamer.

A wired keyboard on the other hand is lightning fast, but requires cable management.

Keyboard Type

Mechanical vs Membrane Keyboards. That is the question. Well, it all depends on your preference. Many writers–myself included– just love a good mechanical keyboard. Sometimes when writing, I get lost in my senses and I miss keys. Lots of them. But with an audible switch and a higher key resistance, I can actually hear and feel what I am typing.

Membrane keyboards are nice if you have a light touch or are casually writing. They allow for a much faster overall experience out of the box. This is because instead of mechanical switches on each key there are a series of membranes and pressure pads. This means less effort is required when depressing keys. But it leads to many more mistypes (at least for me anyway). I can definitely tell the difference when typing on my laptop (membrane) vs when using an external keyboard (mechanical).

What is the best lighted keyboard for me? My conclusion

In all reality, unless you have some personal vendetta against them or you are overly proud that you can touch type on your keyboard in the dark… A backlit keyboard is a good choice. Like I said before, they literally changed my whole writing experience and for the better. But to each their own I guess.

For most of you, I recommend the Corsair, my top pick for best lighted keyboard, listed above.

If you have any questions concerning backlit keyboards or if I left your favorite out of my list, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear your opinions on the matter.


FAQs: illuminated keyboards

Do you really need a backlit keyboard?

You don’t need to have a backlit keyboard if you don’t use your computer in low-light situations. A regular keyboard can be just fine for most people. However, if you’re a gamer or a writer who just likes the look of a lighted keyboard, I still recommend them for you.

What is a good backlit keyboard?

I recommend the Corsair K100 RGB as the best backlit keyboard. You can find it in the list above. It’s my favorite for a number of features, including its backlighting options and all the other bells and whistles that it comes with. Overall, it’s a great keyboard to have.

Are lighted keyboards good?

Yes, lighted keyboards are just as good as regular keyboards. The only difference is the lighting that backs them up, which can be useful in low-light situations. However, if you are concerned about eye strain or anything like that, check out my other list to find a more average best keyboard for writers.

Does the Logitech K780 have backlit?

Yes, the Logitech K780 is a backlit keyboard. It is one of the better keyboards, and one that I highly recommend for those looking for a good backlit keyboard to use in their home offices or gaming setups. Definitely check this one out!

How long do backlit keyboards last?

A good backlit keyboard can last up to 50,000 hours with good care. Some are even going further, saying that they will last up to 500,000 hours, which is an insane number. That means that you could use it constantly, all day, every day, and it would still last for five years.

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