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The Best Carpal Tunnel Massage Machine 

Carpal Tunnel Massage

Anyone with carpal tunnel syndrome can tell you that it is very uncomfortable and can have quite a serious impact on your quality of life. Carpal tunnel causes the median nerve to compress and leads to numbness, tingling or weakness in your hand. In the long run, you might suffer from less feeling in your fingers making simple tasks difficult to nearly impossible.

There are various ways of treating carpal tunnel depending on how far the condition has progressed. Some of these treatment plans include lifestyle changes, exercise, medication, immobilization and massages. Sometimes it even takes a combination of treatments to relieve symptoms and make life easier. If you need assistance and relief immediately, you can purchase a massage machine that has been specifically designed to assist with the relief of pain associated with carpal tunnel.

Now, you are able to get relief in the comfort of your own home when you need it most. These massage machines are designed to relieve discomfort and pain in your hands and arms. These messages will make your life easier and allow you to do more things with your hand. Being able to do these massages at home will also save you lots of money in the long term.

Best Carpal Tunnel Massage Machines

These massage machines will give you pain and discomfort relief when and where you need it. We are going to look at a few message machines that are designed to help relieve the discomfort that carpal tunnel brings.

So let’s get started.

The Lunix Cordless Electric Hand Massager with Compression

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The Lunix Cordless Electric Hand Massager provides an intense massage that you can control. There are six unique levels of massage which combine intensity, compressions, vibrations and heat settings. You can adjust it to perfectly meet your needs.

It is designed to relieve pain and discomfort in your hands that might be caused by carpal tunnel and arthritis. The massage that the machine provides will improve blood circulation and relax the muscles in your hand, alleviating pain. Even numbness in your fingers and hands will be relieved, making your hands easier to move.

The interior design of the massage machine is soft and comfortable and the pad and palm rest guides you to the proper placement of your hand. The interior acupuncture points will fit any hand size.

Another great design is that you are able to charge the massager and use it anywhere in the house that you require without a power cable being in the way. This allows you to take it anywhere in your home or on the go.


  • Weight – 3.2 Pounds
  • Dimensions – 13.5 x 7.8 x 6.2 inches
  • Warranty – Lifetime warranty
  • Rechargeable – Yes


  • Low noise when vibrating
  • 6 different unique levels
  • Improves blood flow circulation in your hand


  • Squeezes your hand very hard
  • Very slight difference between settings
  • Heat setting doesn’t warm up alot

The Breo iPalm520 Shiatsu Hand Massager with Heating Air Pressure

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Using a combination of air pressure and heat compression, the Breo iPalm520 reduces pain with a soothing massage. You will experience a massage from the bottom of your hand all the way to your fingertips.

The massage machine has a built-in infrared light that heats up to 98°F – 107°F, warming up your hand and relaxing the muscles in your hand. This hand massager will reduce hand fatigue. You will also notice that your whole body will relax as well. It is believed that the various pressure points that affect internal organs or glands are in your hand.

Another great feature is that you can adjust the massage to your preference and needs. This way you can adjust how soft or hard you want the massage to be. Should you for some reason need to get your hand out immediately, you simply need to push the emergency release button.

The product also comes with gloves that you put on before you insert your hand into the massage machine, this will keep the machines interior clean and hygienic.


  • Weight – 2.45 pounds
  • Dimensions – 265mm X 201mm X 90mm
  • Battery Operated – Yes and direct power supply


  • 3 Pressure and 3 Heat settings
  • Emergency release button
  • Easy to operate


  • Massages very hard, can be a bit uncomfortable
  • Only massage fingers and hand not the wrist
  • Takes time to start massaging after start button is pushed

The Roleo Hand Massager 

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This massager is one of the most versatile massagers on the market. It can be used on your hands, wrists, arms and even your feet. It provides relief from sore muscles, carpal tunnel, golfers elbow, and that is just to name a few.

Designed with detachable suction cups that keep the device in place while you are busy massaging your hands, arms, or feet. It is operated hands free so you make a phone call at the same time. At the top of the machine is a rotating knob that allows you to adjust the tension level of the rollers, letting you set the intensity of the massage.

It might be a bit painful in the beginning of the massage as it rolls and works its way over the sore and tensed up muscles. But after a while those muscles will loosen up and you will start to experience pain relief and relaxation. You can use this product in the office or in the comfort of your own home.


  • Weight – 28 pounds
  • Dimensions – 8 x 5 x 9.5 inches


  • Can massage different parts of your body – arms, forearms, fingers, wrists, and hands.
  • Relieves carpal tunnel and arthritis pain
  • Feels like deep tissue massage


  • Not very steady
  • Wont fit if you have large arms
  • Product feels cheaply made

The Breo iPalm520 Electric Acupressure Palm Hand Finger Massager 

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The Breo iPalm520Pprovides a soothing and relaxing massage for tired and sore hands. The massage machine uses air compression and hot compress massage technology to provide you with this relaxing massage. Your whole hand will be massaged.

The machine can operate with four AA batteries and you can move it where you would like to use it most. The air pressure in the machine along with the heating relieves pain and discomfort in your hands, while the rhythm helps to relieve tension, stress and fatigue. The blood circulation in your hands will also improve drastically.

Not only are these massages great for carpal tunnel and arthritis, but it will help your whole body relax. So, it is really beneficial for total body relaxation.

Being lightweight and small, it is great to use while traveling.


  • Weight – 2.78 pounds
  • Dimensions – 10.4 x 7.9 x 3.5 Inches
  • Battery Operated – Yes and direct power source


  • 3 settings for pressure and heating
  • Deep-Infrared energy provides heating
  • Provides a deep pressure massage


  • Takes some time to get going with the massage
  • Pressure can be quite high
  • Infrared heat to high or low

The Roleo Tennis Elbow Trigger Point Massage

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In many cases inflammation, soreness, and stiffness in your hand and arms is caused by doing the same motion over and over again. This could lead to chronic conditions that negatively impact your life and require medication. One way to combat those conditions is by getting massages, but not everyone can afford to routinely visit a massage therapist. Luckily, you can get a deep tissue massage in your own home at any time.

The Roleo Tennis Elbow Massager is designed to target the trigger points in your hands and arms to assist with blood flow and tensed up muscles. With the knob on the top you are able to adjust the pressure, so that it is just perfect for you. It might be uncomfortable in the beginning but as your muscles relax, it will start to feel less painful.

It is designed with two suction cups that secure the massage device to a smooth surface allowing you to use it hands free.


  • Weight – 2.7 pounds
  • Dimensions – 4.9 x 7.9 x 9.6 inches


  • Hands free operation
  • Knob to adjust pressure of massage
  • Massage your fingers, hand and arm


  • Unstable design, need to hold with your free hand
  • Can be noisy and squeaky
  • Spring to string/tight can cause to much pressure

The Conair HydroSpa Massaging Hand Sauna with Steam 

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Cold dry hands can be painful on their own, but if you suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome it can be so much worse. One’s hand can tense up and cause you lots of pain that goes all the way through the arm.

The Conair HydroSpa can help to relieve pain in your hands and moisten your skin with the steam alleviating dry skin. With every refill you get about 20 minutes of steam treatment. For better results apply hand cream after using. You will notice immediately how your hand will be softer and the skin more moisturized.

The gentle vibration action will help your hand relax and the muscles to loosen. The infrared also helps to sooth away the pains and tension, it is a great function to use if you are prone to arthritis and carpal tunnel.


  • Weight – 3.52 ounces
  • Dimensions – 6.4 x 12.1 x 7.5 inches


  • Great to help moisturize dry hands
  • Infrared, vibration and heat/steam can be used all at the same time
  • Helps with pain relief


  • Very little heat and steam condenses at the top
  • Opening not very big, can be difficult to use if a person has severe arthritis
  • Vibration can feel quite annoying

Buyer’s Guide

We had a look at six massage machines that are designed to assist with carpal tunnel, arthritis and painful muscles in your hands and arms. So let’s have one final look at these machines.

The Best Massage Machine that uses Air Pressure – 

There are three good options for air pressure machines. The Lunix, the Breo iPalm Shiatsu Hand Massager, and the Breo iPalm Electric Acupressure Palm Massager. They all work with air pressure to provide you with a strong intense massage. Not only do you have the pressure, but you also have a heating option. The combinations of these factors will reduce the pain and discomfort in your hands and improve mobility.

The Best Massage Unit for Hands, Arms and Feet –

This will be the Roleo Hand Massager for arthritis, deep tissue for carpal tunnel and the Roleo Tennis Elbow Trigger Point Massager. Both of them have been designed to penetrate the deeper muscles in your hands and arms to assist you with pain and tension relief. They are operated manually and don’t need power to use. They are also small enough to take with you on the go.

The Best Massage Unit that uses Steam – 

The Conair HydroSpa will be the perfect choice if you suffer from dry skin and painful hands. The steam that is produced not only moistures your skin but also heats up your hand relieving pain. The infrared heat also assists with the pain relief and overall mobility of your hands.


Every person has their own needs and requirements, we are sure that between these six massagers you will be able to find the perfect one that will meet your needs. So if you are all in for pain free hands then choose one of these massagers.

You will have pain free hands in no time.

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