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Best Cities for Writers

Best Cities for Writers

Does the place you live in affect your ability to write? Many writers feel that location plays a major role in their writing.

Modern technology allows writers to work from remote destinations and even on the go. Thanks to laptops and Wi-Fi connections, you can complete writing jobs from the comfort of your home or even while sitting at a local coffee shop.

So, why are some writers more successful in certain regions than others? Well, for one thing, writers are higher in demand in certain cities than others. For another, some cities just have a better vibe to encourage creativity and productivity.

If you are a writer looking for a good place to inspire you to write more often or want to travel to some inspiring locations, consider going to the following best cities for writers.

The 7 Best Cities for Writers to Visit or Live In In the World

Before we dive into our list of great cities for writers, it is important to take note of a few things. First, some cities like New York or London might be fantastic for writers but have a very high cost of living. Other cities offer the right romantic vibe but are filled with too many distractions.

If you are looking for a good city to make your permanent home, you should always consider the cost of living, the environment, and activities available. If a city has a very high living cost or if the location offers an unpleasant living environment – such as a desert – and there are too many distractions keeping you from finishing your work, then these areas might not be ideal for you to make a permanent home.

But even if a city isn’t ideal for a permanent home, all literature inspiring cities are great to visit if you want to gain more knowledge or get a better feel for what other successful writers choose as a good place to live.

South Queensferry, Scotland

According to one famous author, Robert Louis Stephenson, this is one of the best places to settle down and write. The weather in South Queensferry is pretty bad most of the time. But this is exactly what makes it such a great place for writers to live in. Most of your time will be spent indoors in the warmth of your home writing or in pubs looking for juicy stories to write about. Scotland’s gorgeous natural landscapes also provide plenty of inspiration to help you create ideas to pen down.

Hay-on-Way, Wales

Hay-on-Way isn’t exactly a big city. It is a town found in the foothills of Wales. What makes this such a hotspot for writers is the fact that this town has the most bookstores per capita in the world. If you need a bit of inspiration, you can simply pop into one of the many bookstores for a bit of light reading. The scenery and landscapes in this town are also beautiful. Even though it can be a bit pricey to live here, a low population of 1,900 people ensures that you won’t be disturbed while writing.

Cartagena, Colombia

If a busy environment is what fuels your writing then this city with a population of over one million people might just be a good pick. Famous author, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, certainly feels like this is one of the best places to live. Despite its massive size, this is a very affordable place to live and there are tons of festivals to look forward to each year.

And if you think that all of these people and activities might keep you from writing, then you are dead wrong. Most of the people that live in Cartagena don’t speak English, which means that there will be plenty of time for you to sit down and write.

Northampton, Massachusetts

Northampton is home to many famous authors like Augusten Burroughs, Elinor Lipman, and Kurt Vonnegut, which already proves that it is quite a terrific place to settle down in. This town is located in the northern part of America and things can get a bit chilly, but this is exactly what is going to keep you indoors and snuggled at your writing desk. The area also offers lots of beautiful scenery and many colleges that can help spur your creating juices.

St Louis, Missouri

This city is the home of famous authors T.S. Eliot and Jamey Stegmaier. It also has a writing community and an annual writing conference which is held there every year. With a strong network of writers, affordable housing and many things to do, this is a good spot for you. You will find inspiration to write about and can simply visit if you want to increase your knowledge on writing.

Oxford, Mississippi

Oxford, Mississippi is home to the famous authors William Faulkner and John Grisham. This town has a population of 12,000 people. This town is often referred to as a place of all things literary. Despite the beautiful scenery and all the writing prospects, this isn’t the cheapest town to live in. But it is still a great place to visit or study if you want to increase your writing and traveling experience.

Asheville, North Carolina

This is quite a busy city with a population of 74,000 people. Famous authors like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Charles Frazier, and Thomas Wolfe all lived in this city at one point. Asheville is recognized as an artist’s town. There is a lot of beautiful scenery to marvel at, and it is a relatively affordable place to live in. The beautiful scenery and writer’s workshops are exactly what makes this a great city to live in while you are completing a new book.

The 6 Best American Cities for Writers

Many famous writers originate or live in America. Writers like Mark Twain, Mel Brooks, Luisa May Alcott, and George R.R. Martin all drew inspiration for their great works in this country. America isn’t just a great place for book writers; it is also a good place to live for other types of writers like journalists.

It makes pretty good sense to live in America if you want to become a successful writer. But what city should you live in? Here are our top picks:

New York City, NY

New York is a capital city and a top pick for writers because of its many publishers and its thriving writing communities. This city is known for its bustling vibe and offers a great many things for you to do. The only downside to choosing New York City for your home is that the busy environment can sometimes distract you from getting projects completed.

Chicago, IL

Famous writers like Theodore Dreiser and Ernest Hemmingway once lived in Chicago. This city offers lots of writing workshops, conservations, and festivals as well as many book expos and even the Evanston Literary Festival. With so many festivals and workshops, this is an ideal place for student writers to live. Here you can expand your literacy knowledge, learn how to write, or start working on your next big book.

Washington, D.C.

Washington has many publishing houses and quite a few writing communities you can join. This is a great place for writers to live in because most of the writing competition here is on a political level.

You have a much higher chance of getting published by local publishers if you focus on a non-political writing topic such as fiction or creative writing. Washington also offers an essence of spirit and synergy that might just put you in the mood for writing, so you can get those books done much quicker.

Seattle, WA

Seattle also has many publishers and there are many writing communities you can join. The average writer here earns $60,500 which is quite impressive. With lots of writing communities and writing clubs to join or attend, you can learn a lot about literacy and various writing styles. As the highest paying city for writers, this certainly is one of the best places to consider for a new home.

Philadelphia, PA

If you are not easily thrilled by steel bridges, lots of money, and bustling businesses then Philadelphia can be a great place for you to live in. This city offers historical architecture and the beautiful tree lined streets. There are also many writing communities you can join and many publishers that you can help you get published.

Los Angeles

Creative writers tend to love this city. It is especially great for songwriters and play writers. Technical and business writers also fare pretty well in this area. Writers in Los Angeles earn a pretty good salary and there are plenty of opportunities in this city.

Is Traveling Important For Writing Success?

It is entirely possible to become a successful writer despite living in a remote location or never traveling around the world. Books are, after all, an instant portal to far off places and imaginary worlds that you can explore with just your mind.

However, many do feel that actually traveling will benefit your writing. Here is a quick look at some of the top benefits of traveling while or before you start writing.

A Source of Inspiration

Everything about traveling can offer you inspiration for your next book. It can be the scenery of a new town, a foreign language, a different culture, or even sampling new foods that inspire you to write a book or create a new character.

Greater Potential To Sell

When you travel, you get to visit all types of markets where you can sell your books. Traveling also increases your general knowledge and experience which looks great on a resume. These enhanced experiences could just land you a writing gig with travel magazines or other companies looking to recruit good authors.

Higher Productivity

Being stuck at home all day, every day can decrease your productivity because you become less and less motivated to work hard. Writer’s block is also pretty common amongst writers who never travel.

Traveling a lot can help you overcome writer’s block and will motivate you to work much harder on your book. It is, after all, great fun to travel but to do so you will need quite a bit of money. And since money doesn’t fall out of the sky, you do need to keep writing to earn a good income.

Increased Fitness

Sitting at your writing desk day in and out isn’t healthy for you. That is why it’s so important to get lots of exercise. Traveling naturally increases your fitness levels because you move more, experience more, and try a variety of new things along your journey.

There Is Lots of Time for Writing

Writers find lots of time for writing down new ideas while they are traveling. There is often a lot of time between flights, on flights, and in vehicles that you can spend working on your next big novel.

The Takeaway

While these are some of the best cities in the world to visit if you are a writer, nothing should stop you from pursuing your dreams. Writers have been known to flourish and have a huge success despite living in only one place. But living in a literature-rich environment does offer more opportunities for you to expand your knowledge, and these cities do tend to inspire writers to work harder on pursuing their dreams.

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