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What Are the Best Courses for Self-published Authors?

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This is a list of the best self-publishing courses for authors. Because, honestly, we’re all drowning in a sea of self-publishing courses? Don’t sweat it; I’ve got your back. Thanks to platforms like Thinkific and Teachable, we’ve got tons of options.

But hold up—only a few are the real deal. I’ve taken the time to review these courses so you can get that eBook out without the headaches.

Guidelines for Selection

So, how did I pick the courses I’m about to spill the tea on? Glad you asked! Here’s the rundown:

  1. Devotion is Key: The creator’s gotta live and breathe eBook publishing. We’re talking about a full-on commitment here.
  2. Reviews Don’t Lie: A good standing among past students is a must. If folks are raving about it, you know it’s a keeper.
  3. Up-to-Date: Ain’t nobody got time for stale info. The course needs to be as fresh as your morning latte.
  4. Morally Sound: We’re doing this by the book, peeps! No sketchy tactics. It has to vibe with Amazon’s rules and Kindlepreneur’s marketing morals.

Note on Exclusion

Now, real quick—if a course isn’t featured here, don’t jump to conclusions. It might still be fab, but it didn’t tick all my boxes. Many didn’t make the cut for those exact reasons.

Additional Information

Got a hot tip on a course? Slide into my DMs, but keep it out of the comments, ‘kay? Oh, and if you’re looking to expand your knowledge even more, I also review other courses like MasterClass for book outlining, writing, and selling.

Option 1: Self-publishing Launchpad

Self Publishing Launchpad Logo

The first course on the list is Mark Dawson’s Self Publishing Launchpad. This course is the resource if you’re aiming for the author’s hall of fame. Created by the genius behind the Self Publishing Show podcast and Ads for Authors, it’s a 22-hour marathon of everything you need to know. So whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned author, this course is your golden ticket to long-term book sales!

About Mark Dawson

Who is this Mark Dawson, you ask?

  • Traditionally Published to Self-Published: Mark’s been through it all, y’all. He’s your guru from traditional to indie publishing.
  • USA Today Bestseller: This isn’t amateur hour—Mark’s got 20+ books out there!

Course Content

You ready to dive in? 🏊‍♀️

  • Author Platform: Learn how to build one and monetize your craft.
  • Nuts & Bolts: Account creation, book formatting, and landing pages. It’s all here.
  • Emails are Everything: Big focus on building your email list.
  • For All Authors: Fiction, nonfiction—this course has got you covered.
  • Extra Goodies: Cheat sheets, To-Do lists, and video transcripts. Thank me later.


Wondering why this course rocks?

  • Hours of Content: You won’t find more in-depth videos anywhere else.
  • Budget-Friendly: Your wallet will thank you.
  • DIY Formatting: Tutorials on Vellum, Scrivener, Draft2Digital, and Reedsy.
  • Launch Guidelines: 90 and 365-day plans for book launches.
  • Tech Tools: Master lead magnets and autoresponder sequences.
  • Updates: No stale info here. It’s as fresh as your favorite playlist.
  • Mini Courses: Includes a course on Facebook Live for Authors.
  • Keywords & Categories: Unlock the secret to optimal placement.


Just one caveat—this isn’t for those looking to publish ASAP. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Target Audience

So, who should enroll?

  • Serious Authors: If you’ve got a book or two and want a legit business, this is for you.
  • Email Enthusiasts: Building an email list is your jam? Perfect.
  • Tech Newbies: Not tech-savvy? No worries. Mark’s got you.
  • Cost-Conscious: Want a lot of bang for your buck? Say no more.

Additional Info

Previously known as Self-publishing 101, this course is top-tier for setting up a killer online presence, including your author website.

Option 2: A Fearless Way to Publish

A Fearless Way to Publish Art

Alessandra Torre is a New York Times Bestseller, and she’s here to guide you through the jungle of self-publishing with her course A Fearless Way To Publish. If you find courses like Mark Dawson’s a bit too pricey, Alessandra’s course is your go-to affordable alternative.

About Alessandra Torre

So, who’s this Alessandra?

  • NYT Bestselling Author: She knows what she’s talking about, guys.
  • Miss Congeniality: Friendly and super helpful, she’s your publishing bestie.

Course Content

What’s in the box? 🎁

  • Publishing 101: Everything from editing to proofreading and publishing.
  • Cover to Cover: Literally—discusses cover design and formatting.
  • Video Walk-Throughs: Step-by-step for Kindle, Nook, Apple Books, you name it.
  • Beyond eBooks: Yep, talks about paperback and audiobooks too.


Why should you hit that “enroll” button?

  • Multi-Platform: Detailed steps for publishing on more than one platform.
  • Mistake-Proof: Highlights boo-boos you’ll wanna avoid.
  • Community Support: The course’s Facebook page is a goldmine.
  • Fresh as a Daisy: Classes updated regularly.
  • Easy on the Wallet: Quality without breaking the bank.


Heads up—this isn’t for you if you’re a self-publishing pro. It’s basics and beyond, not advanced-level stuff.

Target Audience

Who’s it for?

  • First-Timers: If the thought of self-publishing gives you the jitters, this is your chill pill.
  • Budget-Watchers: Ready to publish but don’t wanna splurge? Perfect fit.

Option 3: Your First 10K Readers

Your First 10k Readers

If you’ve already dipped your toes into the publishing pool, this course by Nick Stephenson is like the deep end. We’re talking ADVANCED marketing tactics, okay? If you’re still on Book 1, this isn’t your playground. This course is for those who’ve published but want to scale up big time!

About Nick Stephenson: The Marketing Maestro

Who’s Nick?

  • Tactics Guru: He serves up in-depth, actionable eBook marketing tactics.
  • Expertise Galore: The course isn’t just a course; it’s a showcase of Nick’s marketing prowess.

Course Content: Marketing 2.0

So, what’s cooking?

  • Publishing Overview: Know the industry before you disrupt it.
  • Advanced Goodies: Facebook ads, automated selling, networking, and traffic gen.
  • Holistic Approach: This isn’t basic email list stuff. It’s a full-on marketing symphony.

Pros: Why It Rocks

Why should you enroll?

  • Advanced Tactics Central: If it’s depth you seek, you’ve found it.
  • Detail-Oriented: No vague outlines. Everything is crystal.
  • For All Writers: Whether you’re into fiction or nonfiction, Nick’s got you.

Cons: Any Downsides?

What to watch out for?

  • Not for Newbies: Still figuring out how to publish? Move along.
  • Commit or Quit: You need to be willing to give it your all.

Target Audience: Is This You?

Who needs this?

  • Been There, Published That: Published but still not rolling in the dough? Right this way.
  • Effort Investors: Ready to give your marketing a full-court press? Perfect.

Additional Info: Your First 10K Readers

The magic number? 10,000 readers. Nick designed this course to propel you to that milestone.

So, experienced authors, if you’re ready to soar past the basics and hit those reader numbers you dream of, this course is your VIP pass to the big leagues.

Final Thoughts

I hope that has helped you get an idea of what kind of courses can help you as an author. Personally, I’ve gone through all three of these, and I enjoyed them a lot.

All three really helped me in my own author journey, but if I could only pick one, it would be Mark Dawson’s course. It was extremely helpful in getting me started.

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