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6 Best Desk Lamps

Home office workstation

I love lamp.

And no. Not in a I’m just looking around the room, seeing things, and saying I love them sort of way.

Seriously. Having one of the best desk lamps is awesome. They cannot only illuminate your room, but make it look more complete as well. And desk lamps are an absolute necessity for any who spend their time at a desk reading or writing.

But not all desk lamps are built alike. Some outshine others, while some are just left in the dark.

SO… before I can make another lamp pun, let’s shine some light on the lamp situation (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.) and take a look at some of the best desk lamps you can buy.

The Best Desk Lamps

  1. TaoTronics LED with Qi Wireless Fast Charging
  2. JUKSTG Desk Lamp
  3. COZOO LED Desk Lamp
  4. Wanjiaone Desktop Lamp
  5. TaoTronics TT-DL16
  6. HAITRAL Industrial Desk Lamp
  7. SBOTLIGHT Lamp with Bluetooth

1. TaoTronics LED with Qi Wireless Fast Charging (Best All-Around)

No products found.

This is my number choice for best overall lamp. It comes equipped with 5 color temperatures with 7 different brightness settings. You’re sure to find the right combination you need for whatever lighting needs you may have. The lighting fixture swivels a full 90 degrees and left and right to ensure your light in directed in the proper direction. It also comes equipped with a sweet night light setting and one hour shut off timer. But wait there’s more! The TaoTronics has the Qi Wireless Charging system to wirelessly charge your compatible Apple or Samsung devices. But if you’d rather utilize wired charging, feel free to plug up to two devices into this lamp’s USB ports.

2. JUKSTG Desk Lamp

LED Desk Lamp,JUKSTG Eye-Caring Desk Light, Home Office Lamp, Adjustable Table Lamps with 10 Brightness Levels and 5 Lighting Modes,Touch-Sensitive Control,Blue Light Filter,10W Reading Lamp,White
  • ☀Led lamp with 5 Lighting Modes & 10 Brightness Levels : Led lamp/Task Lamp with 50...
  • ☀ Desk Light with Eye-caring & Eye-friendly: Our LED light are composed of 64...
  • ☀Home Office Lamp with Sensitive Touch Control & Memory Function: Touch sensitive panel...
  • ☀ Table Lamp with Multi-angle Adjustment: Freedom to adjusted to your preferred angle....
  • ☀ Reading lamp with Higher Color Rendering Index: More than 85 color rendering index, to...

This is probably the better ROI in that it is a low price, and comes with the most important features like a soft light, and a continuous touch dimmer.  It doesn’t have any fancy blue tooth or charging components with it.  However, it serves its purpose at an affordable price

3. COZOO LED Desk Lamp (Best for Limited Sockets)

Desk Lamp,Desk Lamps for Home Office,COZOO LED Desk Lamp with 2 USB Charging Port,2 AC Outlet,3 Color Temperatures 9 Lighting Mode,Touch/Memory/Timer,Table Lamp Small Desk Light for Craft/Study/Office
  • 【Multiple Functions】Desk lamp built-in 2 Ports USB Charger(5V/4A),Type C Charging...
  • 【3 Adjustable Brightness & 3 Color Temperature】Backlit touch sensitive panel allow you...
  • 【Freely Adjustable Angle & Space-saving 】 Featuring 1 supporting arms and 3 rotating...
  • 【QUALITY GUARANTY】Confidence in our products, we provide 90-Day Money Back Guarantee...

The COZOO is a great lamp for those who are in a pinch for electrical sockets–such as dorm rooms. The lamp not only comes with 3 brightness levels with 3 lighting modes, but also with 2 wall outlets! So now, you can plug in your lamp, laptop, and coffee warmer all at the same time! Need to plug in your phone? Well the COZOO has you covered there too with its 3 USB charging ports. Looking to give a great college gift? This is the lamp for you.

4. Wanjiaone Desktop Lamp (Perfect for Students or Writers)

wanjiaone Study Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port&Screen&Calendar&Color Night Light, Kids Dimmable LED Table Lamp with Pen Holder&Clock, Reading Light for Students,10W
  • Multi-functions : 7 in 1, desk lamp with USB charging port, 256 color changing base,...
  • USB Port: Output 5V/2A USB charging port,so you can spend less time to remain full...
  • Colorful light: Touch the spectrum ring to adjust 256 color changing base, create any...
  • Best gift for children: Large capacity pencil holder can also help you to place something,...
  • Gooseneck design: Free to adjust light angle, light up every corner of your world.

This lamp is the perfect selection for writers and students. It’s an all-in-one lamp sure to fit all your needs. Need a pen? Check the pen holder. Need to know the time? Check the alarm clock. Need to charge your phone? Check out the fast charging USB port. Its actual lighting feature is pretty standard with 3 different brightness levels , but its other features are what really make this great.

5. TaoTronics TT-DL16 (Best All-Metal Option)

No products found.

TaoTronics’ all metal TT-DL16 is an awesome choice for those looking for a sleek, yet robust lamp. It comes with 5 color modes and 6 different brightness levels. The lamp also boasts an advanced memory system. Just set your favorite settings and revert back with the press of a single button. It’s also fully adjustable from all joints so you have the superior angle for whatever your situation calls for.

6. HAITRAL Industrial Desk Lamp (Best for Funky Modern Design)

HAITRAL Industrial Desk Lamp, Vintage Edison Bulb Table Lamp for Dorm, Office, Bedroom, Living Room - Black (Without Bulb)
  • 【Perfect Size & Save Space】 Size of industrial table lamp- 16.9 inch (H) x 5.9 inch...
  • 【Industry Stylish Design】The industrial table Lamp is designed for a modern and...
  • 【High Quality Material】The HAITRAL Industrial Wooden Table Lamp is constructed of high...
  • 【Bulb Requirements】 With an E26 sized screw base, Max 60 watts (Bulb is NOT included...
  • 【For your dedicated service】 HAITRAL provide satisfactory service:30-day...

Without its ability to shine, this lamp would be a one-trick pony. But… it does that trick well. Its awesome industrial design lends creativity and style to any room it is placed in. It comes with a standard bulb socket to accommodate any light bulb of your choosing. And since it is shadeless, the HAITRAL can definitely light up a room. Lamps don’t have to be just for illumination, and this one proves just that.

7. SBOTLIGHT Lamp w/ Bluetooth Speaker (Best Ambiance)

SBOTLIGHT Bedside Tree Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Charger Desk Tree of Life lamp Sleep Mode Stepless Dimming LED Night Light QI Charging Phones Wireless Charge
  • Home Tree Lamp Speaker and Wireless Charging, /Led Lamp with fading options/ Auto Sleep...
  • touch switch lights: Click any dot of the touch area: turn on/off the lights
  • long press 3 seconds into sleep mode: go to sleep and enjoy this lovely worm tree light by...
  • mobile phone wireless charging: wireless charging, Compatible with iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11...
  • Bluetooth speaker: Enjoy the high quality sound to keep the living/ bedroom or your office...

If you’re looking for a centerpiece for a room, look no further. This lamp is it. Its super cool, elegant design is sure to capture anyone’s eye. But it can also grab their ear as well. With its built-in Bluetooth speaker, you can do just that. Put on some light jazz, dim the light with its easy touch slider, and relax away with a nice glass of Pinot (Noir or Grigio, your choice).

Factors to Consider when Buying Your Ideal Desk Lamp

When it comes to choosing anything, there are considerations to be made. This is especially true with desk lamps. After all, it is a light or dark situation!!! (I swear I’m not a comedienne, folks.)

But all joking aside… There are some key elements you should look for including:

Light Quality

Believe it or not, not all light is created equal. Some light can actually be harmful to your body–i.e. blue light. (If you’re looking to avoid that… I got a whole article on it!)

But when it comes to quality, there are two major things to look at.

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

Simply put, this is how true colors look underneath the given light source. This rating is super important for desk lamps. Imagine working at your desk as a cartoonist. When you go to color fill, you want to make sure that your light source is able to properly convey the color you want. Or else, your greens may be more blue than you think. To avoid this, look for LED bulbs with a high CRI rating. A rating of 85-100 would be best for color contrast situations.

Color Temperature

This measures how a light source’s emissions look based on a scale of “warm” and “cool”. Warm light tends to have a yellowish, or even orangey hue to it. Whereas cool light produces a brighter, clearer white light.

The Right Size for Your Desk

Imagine buying a tiny little clip on desk for a huge Cocobolo desk. How goofy would that look? Plus, it wouldn’t even begin to cover the surface area. But put that lamp on a roll away desk in the corner of your dorm room, and you’re doing it right. Likewise, don’t buy a giant swing arm for a tiny desk. It could over saturate your workstation with light. And you don’t want it hanging off your desk either.

When placing your lamp, make sure that the light source is above your eye line, and you can navigate your desk comfortably.


Another key factor to consider is how adjustable the lamp is. Can you swivel it? Does it bend at more than one angle? If you are a strict typist, this may not be too much of a factor. But doing other tasks such as crafting or drawing, a non-adjustable lamp can cause a problem. Make sure to find a lamp that best suits your needs.

My Final Take on the Best Desk Lamps

All of these lamps listed above are awesome! Just remember to shop what you need. Every lamp is different and special. Sometimes, what works in the office doesn’t work in the living area. So, be mindful into what you are buying. Welp, I hope I was able to shed some light on the situation and brighten up your day!


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