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Top 10 Best Erasable Pens Comparison of 2022

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Modern innovations in writing by hand have found a way for us to correct our thoughts on paper. Ever tried pens with inks you can erase? I personally love them, which is why I created this short list of the best erasable pen or pens out there.

They’re not exactly new, but they are definitely a game changer for the person who likes to write in pen, but also wants the convenience of an eraser. The best erasable pen is waiting for you to discover.

What are the best erasable pens? Here’s my top 10 list:

  1. PILOT FriXion Point
  2. Pilot Frixion ColorSticks
  3. PILOT FriXion Clicker
  4. PILOT FriXion Fineliner
  5. Erasable Gel Pens, 15 Pack
  6. Erasable Gel Pens, 26 Colors
  7. Paper Mate Erasermate
  8. BUNMO Erasable Cute Pens
  9. Pilot Frixion Colors Erasable Marker
  10. PILOT FriXion Light Pastel Collection

Best erasable pen comparison chart (top 10 highest rated)

There are several different types of erasable pens, all of which you can also find with regular pens. They include:

  • Ball point pens (in different sizes)
  • Gel pens
  • Highlighter Pens
  • Multicolor Pens
  • Fineliner Pens

For this particular article, I tried to get at least one of these.

Best Erasable Pen Reviews

So let’s dive in. I have here a list of the top erasable pens that I’ve personally reviewed. From a gel pen, to a planner pen, to erasable highlighter pens, I hope one of these will suit your needs.

1. Pilot FriXion Point Erasable & Refillable Gel Pen (Best Erasable Pen Overall)

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I first tried using a Pilot FriXion erasable pen back in college and it changed the game for note-taking for me. At first, I thought using erasable pens with ink that disappear through rubbing would leave my paper creased, smudged, or even torn, but this Frixion pen made writing and erasing unbelievably smooth.

Like the rest of the Pilot FriXion erasable pens, this pen is designed with thermo-sensitive gel ink that disappears with the brush of a rubber eraser (don’t worry, it won’t disappear under your best floor lamps). Plus, it disappears clean too! I was so amazed at how neat the page looked after I erased the ink off my notebook the first time.

If you are looking for the best erasable gel pens that are great for everyday use with black ink for office or school, this is the one to get!


  • Fine (not too bold for a gel pen!)
  • Affordable price
  • Refillable


  • Color is more gray than black
  • Words disappear when a page turns too hot or exposed to too much sun
  • The ink may dry up fast

This FriXion pen by Pilot is great for note-taking, or if you’re in the middle of composing blocks of paragraphs that may need editing along the way.

2. Pilot Frixion Gel ColorSticks Pens (Best Erasable Colored Pens)

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It also came as a surprise to find that Pilot also created erasable colored pens. Writing (and erasing) with these classic black erasable pens already put me in a great mood to work.

But because of the cool pops of color from this set, writing became more exciting. Plus, these FriXion Pilot erasable pens don’t smudge when being erased! Depending on your mood or your task, you can choose to form the 16 ink color selection.


  • Variety of colors which are easy on the eyes
  • Slim non-rolling design
  • Medium point nib (not too thin or fine, not bold)


  • Cap could be misplaced
  • Not refillable
  • Ink (especially the lighter colored ones) may disappear if the paper gets too hot due to hot weather or hot surfaces

This is great for people who journal, who mark papers, or those who want to have more color in their notes. Unlike the FriXion Point version, this set has the eraser on the tip of the cap.

3. Pilot FriXion Clicker Erasable, Refillable & Retractable Gel Pen, Fine Tip, Assorted Color Inks (Best Retractable Pen)

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This set of Pilot FriXion Clicker Erasable pens works well for people like me who prefer retractable pens over those with caps just because I will not have to worry about losing a cap or the eraser tip. It is also crafted with Pilot’s special gel that can easily be rubbed off with the eraser at the tip of the pen.

This set comes with 15 colors also ideal for people who journal and those who need to make color-coded marks in their notes. This Clicker pen is also good for those who are writing on-the-go because you can just hang these pens on a front pocket or anywhere within easy reach.


  • Retractable, one-piece design
  • Refillable with various colors


  • Tends to dry out fast
  • The ink may disappear under hotter temperatures

The capped version of the Pilot FriXion erasable pen will most likely have a longer shelf life, as it offers more airtight protection for the nib and the ink. This is ideal for those who opt to have a single-piece of the pen.

4. PILOT FriXion Fineliner Erasable Marker Pens, Fine Point, Assorted Color Inks (Best Erasable Markers)

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Pilot considers these FriXion erasable markers as the first marker pen that can be completely erased! I got excited about this because nowhere else can we find marker pens that can be gone without a trace.

It comes in a handy tube circumference too, which fits well in your hands to make writing smoother. I like how I can use the pen with the cap secure on the other side so I can just flip the pen when I need to erase a word or two.


  • The cap clicks snug on the end of the pen
  • The really fine point of 0.6-0.7 mm is surprisingly fine for a marker pen
  • Not too wet, dries quickly when you write on paper


  • Not refillable
  • May bleed on the page if it stays too long on the paper
  • Colors look pale

If you’re journaling with these, expect the colors to look a bit paler than expected, but that could be caused by the ink formula not being too strong so you can erase them properly.

5. Erasable Gel Pens, 15 Pack Retractable (Best Bulk Option)

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I know a lot of you might be buying pens for groups, or just want to stock up. For that reason, I thought it would be a good idea to have a bulk option.

This set of erasable gel pens comes from Lineon, and it’s really good value for the number of pens that you get. They also come in the two most common colors for pens: black and blue.

I’ve tested these myself, and I can say they are definitely great quality. While not as good as others on this list, they are more than enough when you have bulk needs.


  • Fine (not too bold for a gel pen!)
  • Very affordable price
  • Easy to use


  • Some require writing at a certain angle to get it to work
  • Can feel a bit cheap

6. Erasable Gel Pens, 26 Colors Lineon Retractable (Best Bulk Color Option)

No products found.

Just like the bulk option for black and blue pens above, I thought it fitting to include a bulk option for color as well.

This collection also comes from Lineon and has a lot of the same features, except it comes in 26 colors! That’s a lot of colors.

And the best part is, this is cheap, really cheap for erasable pens. The FriXion pens, by contrast, are many orders of magnitude more per pen. And it helps that these pens are easy to use, and get the job done well.


  • Fine (not too bold for a gel pen!)
  • Very affordable price
  • Easy to use


  • Some require writing at a certain angle to get it to work
  • Can feel a bit cheap

7. Paper Mate Erasermate (Best Best Paper Mate Option)

No products found.

Paper Mate is one of the leading brands out there, but FriXion tends to dominate the erasable pen market. So to give Paper Mate its due, I made sure to include one in its own category!

This is a standard erasable ink pen with a medium point and an eraser and clip conveniently built into the cap.

I actually used these a lot when I was in school, as they are quite cheap and get the job done well enough.


  • Pressurized ink cartridges
  • Very cheap


  • Cheap construction
  • Ink only erases so-so

8. BUNMO Erasable Cute Pens (Best for Style)

No products found.

Okay, you guys, you’ve just GOT to look at these pens.

Now I’m usually a lover of function over style, but I just couldn’t resist these things when I saw them. Look at them! They’re adorable!

Plus, these particular pens are functional as well. They come in both blue and black ink, and are super long lasting. If you’re looking for some school supplies for your kids that will have their classmates jealous, this is it.


  • Adorbs
  • Sturdy design
  • Long lasting


  • Limited color options

9. Pilot Frixion Colors Erasable Marker (Best Markers)

No products found.

Alright, back to the Frixion pens. I knew I needed to get some good marker options on this list, and this set is absolutely that.

I know it probably seems a bit difficult to believe that markers can be erasable, but they can! And these are proof. They’re designed to be erasable without damaging your paper, and they come with a nice eraser.

Plus, this particular set comes with 12 colors, which actually makes it a pretty good deal for Frixion pens.


  • One of the best marker options
  • Easily erase without damage
  • Comes in 12 colors


  • Don’t always fully erase

This FriXion pen by Pilot is great for note-taking, or if you’re in the middle of composing blocks of paragraphs that may need editing along the way.

10. PILOT FriXion Light Pastel Collection (Best Highlighters)

No products found.

Last, but not least, we’ve got some highlighters. Like the markers, I found it hard to believe at first that you could have highlighters that actually erase, but these do!

This particular bunch come from FriXion (again) and are built in some nice, attractive pastel colors. And lets face it, I’m sure all of us have highlighted something then immediately regretted it. With these, you don’t have to worry about that! Just erase and move on to highlight the correct passage.

And while FriXion isn’t exactly the cheapest brand on the market, they don’t skimp on quality. These are by far the best erasable highlighters that you will find anywhere.


  • Firm tip
  • Great built quality
  • Has everything you need in a highlighter


  • Can get a bit pasty when dry

The Best Erasable Ink Pens: Everything You Need to Know

Ultimately, this may seem like a bit of a pointless article. Who wants to read about the best erasable ink pens, am I right? But hold up, pens are super important, especially if you use them often. You will easily find that the quality of the erasable gel pen, or the weight of the hera marker, will make a difference depending on what you need in a marking tool.

Why Buy an Erasable Pen?

The follow-up question for this question is, why should you use a pencil instead? The common ground between erasable pens and pencils is that you can easily correct them. But while pencils were our go-to writing instrument when we were in grade school, they used to leave marks or “ghosts” when you use an eraser them. Meanwhile, erasable pens leave little to no marks at all with their eraser, and you do not have to worry about lead residue and rubber “crumbs” on your page.

When in the professional scene, pens are our weapons at work, used for taking notes, making marks, or journaling. Bustle already considers the erasable pen as a journaling must-have, so this is a good addition to your station. Plus, using a pen adds a touch of professionalism to your note-taking!

How do Erasable Pens Work?

If you’re new to erasable pens like the Pilot FriXion pen, you might not understand how you can even use an eraser to erase the ink of a traditional ballpoint pen, or whatever else you use. Typically, erasable pens use one of three technologies:

  1. Frictional Heat
  2. Ink Bleach
  3. Rub-off Ink

Of these three, the frictional heat method is the most common, which is why The some bands like the Pilot FriXion pen made such a huge name for themselves in this industry. In this case, the ink will change transparency if heat is applied to it, and the eraser provides the frictional heat necessary to do that. It’s pretty wild!

Do I Need One That Has Thermo-Sensitive Ink? 

In this article by Nippon, it said that the technology used to make ink disappear within a few rubs took three decades to develop. The FriXion’s main selling point is its thermo-sensitive Metamo ink whose microcapsules contain three main substances: leuco dye (color forms), developer, and the color change regulator based on temperature.

The decades-long research discovered a way to increase the temperature range when the color can disappear. Pilot was able to hit an optimal formula and was able to produce it for their pens. Until a new ink formula that doesn’t disappear with temperature spikes is developed, you’ll need thermo-sensitive ink to write and erase pen marks with ease.

Prerequisites to Using Erasable Markers & Pens

Before using erasable pens, you must understand the science behind it. Unlike regular pens, the ink used is special and may react differently to heat. The color may not be as solid as regular ink pens, either. Other than managing your expectations, you can easily enjoy using FriXion pens on your notes. You may also check out this YouTube video before purchasing your new FriXion pen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are erasers bought separately?

The rubber tips are built into Pilot FriXion pens. You can your eraser on the tips of the caps or at the end tips of the pens.

What should I do if the ink disappears?

According to this article, the ink in these pens can disappear when pages heat to 149°F (65°C), and can reappear if temperatures dropped below -4°F (20°C). It is suggested to cool down the page for the ink to reappear. Some may suggest quickly putting the page in the refrigerator (put it in a protective plastic bag).

Is it compatible with Rocketbook?

A lot of people who use Rocketbook prefer to write with erasable pens for their items. I’m excited to let you know that these erasable pens work well with Rocketbook.

What is the best brand?

If you want to have just one best erasable pen to look at, Pilot is the manufacturer who has dedicated time and effort to researching erasable ink. Almost all of the erasable pens on the market are made by Pilot, and the Pilot FriXion is particularly good. When searching for this kind of pen, most sites will recommend getting any of the brand Erasable pen offers as an alternative to the traditional pens we are used to. This video lists Pilot’s tech and product list, including capped gel ink pens, retractable pens, multi pens, markers, highlighters, color pencils, and more.


Each Pilot erasable ink product is useful in its own right. The one I used best is the first one I ever tried, the FriXion Point erasable pen, because I honestly only ever need the classic color (black) when I write.

If you like color and variety, the ColorSticks line is great for its many color selections! Some may say that these pens dry out quickly, but based on experience, I use mine often and have only encountered a few pens drying up due to not being used too much. Pilot offers the best erasable pen on the market, you just have to choose the one that fits your needs best.

 Ball PointColorsticksClicker Fineliner
Capped Pen
Gel Ink
Marker Pens
Ink Color Selection9161512


Do erasable pens really work?

Yes, erasable pens really work, and they can do so through various technologies. While there are some inks that can be erased, most erasable pens use thermo-reactive ink that erases when the friction of the eraser gets it hot enough to disappear. Pretty wild, right?

Which erasable pen lasts the longest?

The FriXion pens tend to last the longest. They have long dominated this particular marketplace, and for good reason. You’ll notice that most of the items on this list come from FriXion. They know how to create good erasable pens that last a long time.

Are Frixion pens worth it?

Yes, FriXion pens are worth it. While FriXion pens can be a bit more expensive than other alternatives, they are still decently priced and will absolutely return on their value. And while it is an investment, it’s not actually that much more than the other erasable pens on this list.

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