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What Are the Best Reading Glasses? 2022 Top 10 Comparison

Eyeglasses and eye chart

BEST READING GLASSES. (just making sure you’re in the right article.)

Do you get frequent headaches when you read? Or do the words just disappear into the page? Maybe, you’re like me, and the whole world is just one big, hazy mush.

If these are the case, then you just might need reading glasses. And look (or don’t), if you’re worried about glasses not being cool or being a burden…

Don’t be.

Have you seen these kids nowadays? They’re running around with glasses without graded lenses! See (or don’t), glasses are the things to have today. Plus, for those of us who actually need them, it’s pretty awesome to walk around without fear of things such as lamp posts or walls.

So what are the best reading glasses for you?

What are the best reading glasses? Here’s my top 10 list:

  1. Double Take Pocket Readers
  2. Success Eyewear Compacts
  3. ThinOptics Reading Glasses
  4. Gamma Ray 5-Pack
  5. Lurglasses 7-Pack
  6. Sun Tortoise
  7. Readerest Blue Light Blocking
  8. Gaoye 5-Pack
  9. Peepers by PeeperSpecs
  10. AQWANO 5 Pack Clear Frame

Best readers’ glasses comparison chart (top 10 highest rated)

If you don’t want to read all the reviews for the best readers’ glasses, here is a brief chart with everything on it:

My reading glasses reviews

Here are my best reading glasses reviews, all in a row so you can learn why I included them on this list.

1. Double Take Pocket Readers (Best Reading Glasses Overall)

No products found.

These top rated reading glasses are exactly what I want for reading glasses. Although they are slim and stylish, they perform their function perfectly and come with an equally slim and stylish hard case. These fit in every pocket your phone will (Sorry gals, we still out here fighting the good fight on pockets.) and come in a variety of magnifications. The readers also come with a pen clip. This way you can just clip them alongside your pens in your front pocket and always have them at the ready. They come in packs of two. Two minimalist designs that are ideal for unisex wear. Seriously. These are a great deal, and are the best quality reading glasses right now.


  • Slim and stylish
  • Nice stylish case as well
  • A pen clip


  • No cons to mention, honestly

2. Success Eyewear Compacts (Best Foldable)

No products found.

Let’s face it. Some of the best things are foldable. NY style pizza. Motorola RAZRs. But what about reading glasses? These glasses from Success Eyewear are also pretty awesome! They neatly fold so they can be tucked away almost anywhere. Keep them in your glove box, your office drawer, or a pocket to stay at your reading best! And, since they’re so bendable, they’re also heavy duty reading glasses.


  • Foldable reading glasses
  • Store anywhere


  • Not as comfortable as others

3. ThinOptics Reading Glasses (Best Thin Model)

No products found.

I lose everything. My keys, my hats, socks (just one only…dang old sock gremlins), my sanity. You name it. But there is one thing I hold on so dearly to. My phone. So, when I heard about a pair of glasses so thin, they could actually attach to my phone case… I had to check it out. These glasses are just as thin as two credit cards and come in a neat equally as minute case. A case that can be attached to the back of most modern phone cases. This way you can take your readers any where. Never struggle with menus or movie showtimes again while wearing some of the most comfortable reading glasses.


  • Extremely thin
  • Easily portable


  • Also not as comfortable as others

4. Gamma Ray 5 Pack (Great Value Award)

No products found.

If you’re looking for a bit of variation with your value packs, this is the choice for you. The Gamma Ray 5 Pack comes with 4 awesome reading glasses of your magnification AND one Sun Reader. That’s right. Whether sitting at an outdoor cafe or reading a book on the beach, you can enjoy sunlit reading once again.


  • Good variation in the different lenses
  • Good style


  • You don’t always need every type

5. Lurglasses 7 Pack (Best for Glasses Destroyers)

No products found.

So, story time! Back in the day, I had this roommate. Honestly, she was the sweetest, most kind and caring individual I have ever met. Now, she wouldn’t hurt a fly, but her glasses… Now, those were a completely different story. 100% of the time they were completely destroyed. Heck, the smudges had smudges. Better yet, they had cracks so deep the Grand Canyon went on vacation to visit them.  She always just said, “Oh, they’re just readers. I can always get another pair. But what she really needed was reading glasses that don’t break.

If this sounds familiar to you or someone you love, this is the deal to go for. There are 7 of these bad boys in a single pack. Wear for a week then toss em, and grab another pair. Disposable contacts meet the Lurglasses 7 pack.


  • Very durable for reading glasses at this price
  • Lots of value in each one


  • You probably will break them

6. Sun Tortoise (Best Reading Sunglasses)

No products found.

The TruVision is BY FAR the best reading sunglasses item on the list. It checks all of the style, comfort, durability, and pricing boxes.

If I had one criticism of this pair, it would be that it lacked polarization. But, given the rest of the package, this isn’t a major issue.

This is the one I chose for myself since I didn’t want to give up any of my attributes, and this one gave me the best of both worlds. Also be sure to take a look at my list of the best reading sunglasses here.


  • Comfortable
  • Durability
  • Good price


  • Not polarized

7. Readerest Blue Light Blocking (Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses)

No products found.

I’ve tried a few different types of blue light glasses, but these Readerest Glasses are truly unique. Their spring-loaded hinges keep everything taut to prevent slippage, and they have a beautiful design that just feels perfect while resting on your face. They’re also available in a variety of colors! But, most significantly, they are excellent at filtering damaging blue light.

Also be sure to take a look at my list of the best blue light blocking glasses here.


  • Great durability
  • They filter blue light
  • Choice of colors


  • Not the stylish of the bunch

8. Gaoye 5-Pack (Best Bulk Option)

No products found.

If you’re looking for an option where you get a lot of glasses for a great price, this Gaoye 5-pack is my recommendation. These glasses are durable, they’re priced low, and there are five of them! In short, you get the best bang for your buck when using this set of glasses.


  • Very low price
  • Come in a variety of colors
  • Functional


  • Some say it’s harder to clean

9. Peepers by PeeperSpects (Best for Style)

No products found.

I’m a sucker for a good pair of stylish glasses, if for no other reason than the style. Now, I know some people will not agree on that, and that’s okay, but for those who do, you’ll love these Peepers. They come in a variety of colors, but all have a matching design, and I think it’s gorgeous!


  • Great design
  • Multiple colors


  • A bit expensive

10. AQWANO 5 Pack Clear Frame (Best Rimless Reading Glasses)

No products found.

In contrast to the styled options above, I know some people that would hate to have a bulky pair of glasses on. What about a lightweight, rimless option? Way ahead of you!

This pack of five will give you exactly what you need, glasses that anyone across the room would totally miss if they saw you wearing them. Plus they’re blue light blocking glasses as well, which is just extra awesome.


  • Lightweight
  • Rimless
  • Blue light blocking


  • No style (sorry, had to say it)

Should you Get Reading Glasses?

Do you even need reading glasses? In all reality, if you think you do… You probably do.


Because you’re probably seeing (or not) all the signs!

Here are just a few ways to tell if you need reading glasses:

  • Are words and images blurry when you are reading? Do you need to hold the book farther away to see them?
  • Do you find yourself struggling to read small print in dim light? Or are you purchasing large print books?
  • Are you experiencing headaches when reading?
  • Or do your eyes hurt when doing anything up close such as typing or sewing?

These are classic signs that you need to be looking for some reading glasses.

Good reading glasses: what to look for when buying

There are many factors you should check before buying a pair of reading glasses.


There are two primary styles of reading glasses.

Full Frame

With full frame glasses, the entirety of the lenses are made with the prescription. This is useful for those who spend a lot of their time reading or doing up close work.

Half Frame

These are the similar to the bifocals Old Ben Franklin created. These are useful for those who only need to look at up close things sparingly. Afterwards you can look above or around the lens for clearer vision for far distances.

Prescription Strength

Reading glasses are normally much less intensive than your standard corrective lenses. They often graduate in terms of .25 power grades starting at extremely low strengths. The lowest is at 1.00 diopter whereas the strongest is at right about 4.00 diopters.

The goal is to choose the one with the lowest number that works for you.

You can determine this by trying on a few pairs and attempting to read a magazine. Hold it about 14 inches away from your face and put on the glasses. Do they help? Is it sharp enough or do you need a little more oomph?

And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but… Your vision is more than likely to only get worse as time goes on. If you start experiencing some of the previous signs again… It’s probably time to up your grade.

What is the best brand of reading glasses?

There isn’t really a specific brand that is the “best” per se. It all depends on what you’re interested in, and what your values are. That said, here is a list of some of the best brands of reading glasses that you are likely to find:

  • DoubleTake
  • ThinOptics
  • Boost Eyewear
  • Gaoye
  • Olomee
  • Norperwis

You’ll find many of the options on my list come from these brands. They’re top notch.

What are the best reader glasses for me? My conclusion

Depending on your needs, I’d recommend any of the best reader glasses listed above. My favorites are the blue light blocking glasses and the one I marked for style. But that’s just me, you might have different needs.

What is your favorite?


FAQs on the best quality reading glasses

What types of glasses are best for reading?

Any type of reading glasses will do the trick, however, if you are reading on a screen, I highly recommend you get blue light blocking glasses because it will prevent damage done to your eyes from the blue light coming from your device. And if you’re reading outside, you might want to consider sunglasses.

Is there a difference in quality of reading glasses?

There is not a huge difference in the quality of reading glasses. Cheap ones will work just find for you. That said, some of the more expensive options will last longer or look better on your face than the cheap reading glasses. If this isn’t a problem for you, feel free to go with something less expensive.

What is the best strength for reading glasses?

The best strength for reading glasses depends on your needs, but most would recommend above +2.5 if you struggle reading without glasses. However, they start at 1+ and can go up from there. You should test out options before buying them to know what’s good for you.

Are cheap reading glasses any good?

Yes! Cheap reading glasses are great in most cases. The technology for reading glasses is simple, so a cheap reading pair of glasses will work fine. However, these glasses may lack in other areas, such as the strength of the pair and the style.

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