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Book Category Hunter: Free Tool to Find Categories

The below tool was created to help authors and readers learn more about books and to find which categories the book is a part of.  For readers, this can help you to discover more books on Amazon.  For authors, this can you help find categories or check to see which categories your book is a part of.  In order to do this, I use Amazon’s API.  Understand that the links created from this use my Amazon Associate, and if you click on one and purchase something, I will be an affiliate commission. This doesn’t affect your pricing, but only adds money to my book and coffee fund.  So, much appreciated. *Currently, the Category Hunter tool only does the US. However, soon I’ll be adding the German and UK markets. 🙂

Find a Book's Listed Categories

Enter the ASIN or ISBN-10 of a book to see what categories that book is a part of so as to shop for your kind of book.

You can also select which market you want to search in.

Created by Paladin

List of Favorite Books for Authors and Writers

Below is a list of the best books that helped me to become a better writer.  If you are interested, please check them out. And remember, these are affiliate links and again, it won’t add anything to the cost, but only helps fill my book and coffee fund 🙂

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