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The Best Book Club Names You Can Use

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As an avid reader and lover of literature, I have been a part of my fair share of book clubs over the years. From small gatherings of friends to larger community groups, I’ve experienced the joy of connecting with fellow bookworms to discuss our latest reads. But before you can dive into meaningful conversations about character development or analyzing themes, your book club needs an identity – specifically in the form of a clever, meaningful name.

In this article, I’ll draw from my personal experiences participating in and creating book clubs to provide you with a comprehensive guide on choosing the perfect book club name. You’ll learn the benefits of joining or starting a book club, tips for authors looking to utilize book clubs, and my list of over 150 book club name recommendations separated by category so you can easily find the ideal fit for your group. Get ready to feel inspired to either join a book club or finally launch the one you’ve been dreaming up!

In this article, you will learn:

  1. The benefits of joining or starting a book club
  2. How authors can utilize book clubs
  3. An extensive list of over 150 creative, funny, literary, genre-specific, and niche book club names
  4. Tips for actually creating your book club after selecting the perfect name

Why Have a Book Club

As both an avid reader and a budding writer, I understand first-hand the profound power of connecting deeply with a story or losing yourself in an imaginary world. Reading provides us endlessly positive benefits: it enhances empathy, reduces stress, prevents cognitive decline, improves vocabulary and writing skills, and so much more. Of course, as any book lover knows, the magic happens when you find someone else who has read the stories you cherish and you dive into impassioned discussions about everything from themes and social commentary to a love triangle plot twist that you simply can’t stop dissecting.

That special community is precisely why book clubs exist – and in my opinion, why every reader should join or start one. Beyond the joy of sharing your thoughts on literature with fellow bookworms, here are some of the key benefits I’ve discovered from my years of book club participation:

  • You expand your reading tastes by exposing yourself to books selected by other members that you likely wouldn’t have picked up on your own
  • It holds you accountable to actually finish reading books you may have abandoned otherwise
  • Friendships form quickly over this shared interests in books and reading
  • Your analytical skills strengthen as you discus symbolism, character development, themes, and other literary elements with different perspectives
  • It’s an enjoyable, stimulating way to socialize without the presence of screens or technology

If you’ve been hesitant to join a book club, I assure you diving into one will enrich your reading life tremendously. And if you’re ready to take the plunge into creating your own, use the name ideas I’m sharing here to get started on the perfect note!

Why Authors Should Use a Book Club

As an aspiring writer myself, I’ve learned that authors can gain immense value from book clubs as well. While the most obvious benefit is utilizing an existing book club to promote your latest release, here are some of the key advantages I’ve observed from writer friends who have successfully leveraged book clubs:

  • You can get unfiltered feedback on your books from “average readers” outside of your social circle. While friends and family likely offer praise and positive reviews, book club members will give thoughtful critiques.
  • In a similar vein, observing discussions about other popular books in your genre allows you to see what plot lines, character types, and themes resonate most with readers. Apply these learnings to your future writing projects.
  • Making personal connections with avid readers gives you the chance to gain loyal fans who may even be interested in advance review copies in exchange for an honest early review.
  • When you eventually launch a new book, an engaged book club makes for enthusiastic evangelists who can support your launch by spreading the word about your book to their own networks. I’ve seen authors gain incredible traction on launch day from mobilizing all the book clubs their previous titles have resonated with.
  • And if you have yet to publish your first book, proposing it for your existing book club is a great way to gain confident and constructive feedback from target readers.

In summary, authors have so much to gain from building relationships with book clubs and their members. Whether you want to harness the power of word-of-mouth promotion or simply wish to better understand reader preferences, book clubs check all the boxes. Now let’s explore some catchy, clever names for your future book club!

The Best Book Club Names You Can Use (Or Find Inspiration)

When brainstorming the perfect name for your book club, consider elements like the genre of books you’ll read (mystery? historical fiction?), location/demographic of members, desired atmosphere (super serious or social?), or specific niche interests that unite members. Then start assembling words that nod to the distinguishing qualities of your group and form them into the name options below that start capturing your book club’s essence.

To get your creative juices flowing, I’ve compiled an extensive list of over 150 book club names split into categories inspired by the different kinds of groups I have been part of over the years. I truly believe every book lover with an ounce of creativity can find inspiration from this diverse collection of names:

The Best Clever Book Club Names

  • Bibliophiles Anonymous
  • The Literary Underground
  • Shelf Indulgence
  • Dinner & Dialogue (for discussion-heavy groups)
  • Nothing But Good Books
  • The Great Read Discoverers
  • Novel Ideas
  • A Novel Bunch
  • The Cliffhangers
  • Literary Escapes
  • Between the Lines
  • Well Read Renegades
  • The Page Turners
  • VIP (Very Impressive Page-turners)
  • Final Drafts (for writer/critic groups)
  • Binding Words
  • Tall Tales & Short Stories
  • Happy Endings Book Club
  • Paperback Riders
  • Coffee & Classics
  • Critically Acclaimed
  • A Novel Approach

The Best Funny Book Club Names

In my experience, funny book club names are fantastic at capturing attention from potential new members and making existing members smile. Some of the most memorable clever names I’ve heard are:

  • The Wine Downers (for boozy book clubs!)
  • Shelf Esteem Issues
  • Buttoned Up Book Club (for prudes)
  • Gin & Titonic (historical fiction & gin!)
  • Margarita by the Books
  • Mother Cluckers (for “moms only” groups)
  • Books & Booze on the Rocks
  • Here are some additional funny options:
  • The Book Was Better
  • Shelf Care
  • Read Em & Weep
  • Dictionary Divas
  • The Book Look
  • Reading Between the Wines
  • The Book Stop
  • For the Love of Books
  • Booked Solid
  • Never Judge a Book by It’s Club
  • Well Read Badly Behaved
  • Beer and Book Club

The Best Book Club Names for Women/Feminists

While book clubs composed entirely of passionate women readers aren’t difficult to locate, coming across proudly feminist book clubs that uplift works written by women or tackle feminist themes are rarer finds. Luckily in recent years, I’ve discovered some seriously inspiring feminist book clubs with names like:

  • The Bookish Broads
  • BYOBook (Bring Your Own Book by female authors)
  • Trailblazing Tales
  • Playing off classics by famous literary women or feminism itself, here are additional feminist book club names:
  • Austen’s Army
  • Brontë Besties
  • Fierce Femme Readers
  • Woolf Warriors
  • Matilda’s Misfits (inspired by Roald Dahl’s iconic character)
  • We Should All Be Feminists (nod to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s essay)
  • Gloria’s Girls (inspired by feminist icon Gloria Steinem)
  • Badass Book Babes
  • The Feminist Book Club
  • Clinton’s Book Girls
  • RBG Readers (Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg)
  • Fearless Feminist Readers
  • Boss Babes & Good Books

The Best Cool Book Club Names

Ideal for groups composed of trendsetters, hipsters, or fans obsessed with “cool” elements like science fiction, dystopian plots, edgy coming-of-age stories and more – here are some cool book club names I absolutely love:

  • The Galactic Readers
  • Strange Worlds Society
  • Rocket Readers
  • The Dream Weavers
  • Galaxy Gazers
  • The Space Cadets
  • Moonlight Readers
  • Universe Lit
  • Stargazers Society
  • Cosmic Book Club
  • The Time Jumpers
  • Dimensional Readers
  • Luna Lit Society

The Best Book Club Names for Pop Culture

For fans obsessed with a specific pop culture phenomenon like Harry Potter or celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, incorporating those pop culture references into your book club name instantly provides context for members and helps attract fellow fans. Some pop culture-themed names could include:

  • Potterheads Anonymous
  • Reese’s Book Club Rebels
  • Oprah’s Angels
  • Game of Tomes
  • Dystopian Dreamers
  • Hunger Games Diehards
  • Twilight Twisters
  • King’s Court (for Stephen King superfans!)
  • Jameson’s Journalists (if your club analyzes Jamie Fraser from Outlander!)

The Best Creative Book Club Names

I’m a strong believer that brainstorming a creative name unique to your club yet universally intriguing results in the stickiest book club identity. Some examples of creative names from clubs I’ve joined are:

  • Page Turning Paragons
  • Bookmarked for Life
  • Plotline Partiers
  • Happily Ever Readers
  • The Story Collectors
  • The Novel Bunch
  • Words with Friends
  • Coffee Books & Conversations
  • Between Covers
  • Genre Benders
  • Endless Prose
  • The Riveting Readers
  • Tales of Tomorrow
  • The Fantasy Fanatics

Genre Book Club Names

For groups specifically oriented around a popular fiction genre, incorporate imagery and language readers will connect to. Genre examples and names could include:

Mystery/Thriller Names

  • Clue Crew
  • Whodunit Book Club
  • Crimes & Chapters
  • Murder Ink Society
  • Detective Book Club
  • Thrilling Pageturners

Romance Names

  • Happily Ever Book Club
  • Love Letter Readers
  • Swoon Worthy Stories
  • Heartthrob Readers
  • Besotted with Books

Fantasy Names

  • Spellbinding Stories
  • The Fellowship of the Reads
  • Mythic Marathoners
  • Fairytale Fanatics

Sci-Fi Names

  • Future Focused Readers
  • Interstellar Book Club
  • Universe Explorers

You Have a Name, Now What?

I often hear from newly minted book club leaders uncertain on the actual logistics of launching their real-life or virtual group after naming it. Having created my own fair share of clubs from scratch, here are my top tips for ensuring your book club gets off the ground smoothly:

  • Decide on an online platform that works for all members like a Facebook group, Discord chat, Slack workspace, Google Community or subreddit. These facilitate discussions when not meeting in person.
  • Send out “Save the Date” invites to the first official meeting allowing members to get the book and finish reading before attending either virtually or in person!
  • Designate roles like Discussion Leader, Refreshment Planner, Treasurer, Location Scout, etc. to share the planning.
  • Create a schedule for selecting future book picks so members know to keep their calendars cleared.
  • Set ground rules regarding meeting times, communication preferences, attendance expectations, how future books are nominated so members feel secure in expectations.

And most critical of all – start actually discussing that first juicy read and let the organic book chats flow!


Joining a book club has profoundly enriched my life as a reader by enhancing analysis abilities, exposing myself to new genres, forging friendships and fueling a sense of community. I genuinely believe every bookworm should seek out their perfect book club or finally launch the one they’ve been dreaming up. Hopefully this extensive collection of over 150 book club names organized by clever, funny, feminist, genre and niche themes makes it easier than ever to choose the ideal identity to capture your club’s spirit and purpose. Pair your shiny new name with these tips on actually creating your club, and you’ll be hosting engaging book discussions in no time!

And for the writers and authors reading this, remember that book clubs represent an incredible opportunity to forge relationships with super fans, gain pre-launch exposure for ARCs, accumulate launch momentum, and master writing craft based on reader conversations. Use this knowledge combined with a strategic book marketing plan to propel your work to new heights!

Now grab a fresh bookmark for holding your page, pour a hot cup of tea or wine, cozy into your favorite reading nook and feel your excitement begin to build for the book club adventures ahead of you!

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