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12 Best Harlan Coben Thrillers To Keep You Captivated

by Sam Howard /

Crime and mystery thrillers are really having a moment these days and TV adaptations of some of Harlan Coben’s books ...Read more >>

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12 Best James Patterson Books to Suit Every Mood

by Sam Howard /

James Patterson once said: “I want to prove to everyone, from children to adults, that there is no such thing ...Read more >>

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8 Best Emily Henry Books: The Ultimate Guide for Booklovers

by Sam Howard /

Emily Henry is hands down one of my absolute favorite authors – I liked her after Beach Read, and fell ...Read more >>

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20 Best Tessa Bailey Books to Find Your Happily Ever After

by Sam Howard /

You know me – I’ve been a romance reader for years and I’ve never got tired of it. A big ...Read more >>

Best Stephen King Books: Prolific Authors Series

by Sam Howard /

Alright so, welcome everyone to the very first article of our Prolific Authors series! This is where I’m going to ...Read more >>

rachel hollis

The 7 Best Rachel Hollis Books You Need to Read Right Now

by Sam Howard /

Author Rachel Hollis is one of the biggest names in self-help books. Her most famous book, Girl, Wash Your Face ...Read more >>