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20 Brother’s Best Friend Romance Books to Swoon Over

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If you’ve ever had a crush on a sibling’s best friend, you know what it’s like to fall for someone you shouldn’t want. The way you can’t help but steal a glance at them when they’re hanging out with your sibling… The way you go hot and cold at the same time whenever they meet your eyes…

It’s sweet torture, that’s what it is.

I’ve made a list of brother’s best friend books that have the same fluttery feelings of a crush and the heady rush of having those feelings returned, despite obstacles. Let’s see if you’ll love them as much as I did.

How I rated these books

I’m a mood reader, so whatever I felt at the end of the book makes it into my rating. But there are a few more things I think of when deciding on it:

  • Whether the plot makes sense
  • Whether there are interesting characters and character arcs
  • If the style of writing is appealing
  • Whether the book is worth a second read
  • What other readers say about them

Best Brother’s Best Friend Book List

What’s Brother’s Best Friend Book Trope?

Picture this: you have a brother, mostly annoying like all siblings are, and unnecessarily overprotective at times. Your brother has a cute/hot/genius/super cool best friend that you’ve been secretly crushing on. You go on pining for the longest time until one day, he starts looking at you that way. NOW, things get hot. And chaotic.

This is basically what happens in a brother’s best friend romance, give or take a few tropes. My list has a few small town romances, sports romances, and even a historical romance, all ranging from little bit of steam to full blown smutty scenes.

So I’ve added a spice meter to each book. This is my personal opinion, and your smut preferences might vary, but the meter gives you an idea of the level of smut in each book.

  • 🌶️– sexual language and a little on-page action
  • 🌶️🌶️– a lot of sexual language and some on-page action, may be occurring couple times
  • 🌶️🌶️🌶️– some explicit action and dirty talk, occurring frequently
  • 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️ – a lot of explicit action and dirty talk, occurring frequently
  • 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️ – super graphic and explicit, occurring very frequently

Let’s dive into the list of best brother’s best friend books.

Best Brother’s Best Friend Book Reviews

1. Ugly Love – My favorite

No products found.

This book absolutely ruined me. I was sobbing, ugly crying, and ready to throw hands by the time I finished Ugly Love, so of course it’s my favorite.

This story is about Tate, who moves in with her brother for a fresh start and about Miles, her brother’s friend who quite literally crashes at their place. They have immediate sparks for each other, but they don’t act on it. Then the attraction between them grows to the point that they agree to be friends with benefits, but Tate falls first, even knowing she shouldn’t.

She shouldn’t, because Miles refuses to fall in love. The truth is, he has been so hurt in the past that he doesn’t want to make himself vulnerable again, and doesn’t believe he’s capable of accepting Tate’s love. But the way they deal with the pain and come out of it is what makes this book beautiful.

This book also has a lot of steamy scenes compared to CoHo’s other books, so prepare for some heart-throbbing and pulse-racing encounters when Tate and Miles are together together.

I have to mention though, this book doesn’t have a lot of brother drama that we usually see in most brother’s best friend books. Personally, I think that’s a good thing because Ugly Love isn’t the easiest to read, but it’s worth remembering if that’s an important part of the formula to you.

I really recommend giving it a try though; the way Miles softens, learns to accept love, and returns that love because of Tate, after years of hurt and pain is so beautiful to see.

  • Best for – Fans of CoHo and contemporary romance
  • Not for – Readers who are sensitive to death of family and sexual harassment

2. Twisted Love

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Ana Huang has been recommended to me so many times and, boy, am I glad I listened to the recs. Twisted Love is the first book of the Twisted series, but they can all be read as standalones.

In this one, we have Alex, the brooding, alpha MMC and Ava, his best friend’s sister and neighbor. Ava is indifferent to Alex at the beginning and so is he, but his feelings start to change and this jealous streak (which is very hot) comes out.

This book has the grumpy sunshine trope which I absolutely love. The angry, brooding MMC who believes he can’t be loved falls for the sweetheart of an FMC and starts craving her love, her touch, the safety of her presence… Alex literally calls Ava ‘Sunshine’ at a point and when I tell you I melted into a puddle 🫠 Plus, the smut is heavy between these two so I was constantly switching between melting and blushing.

This one has the overprotective big brother (Josh is adorable though) and he asks Alex to take care of Ava while he’s away – which in my eyes pretty much gives permission for stuff other than protecting.

I was so hooked I finished this book in a day so if you need a burning hot romance with an alpha MMC and a sunshine FMC, here’s your sign to start reading Twisted Love.

  • Best for – Fans of contemporary romance
  • Not for – Readers who are sensitive to gun violence and child abuse

3. The Duke and I – My first brother’s best friend romance!

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First off, I’m a huge fan of JQ—an I’ve-read-every-book-she’s-written kind of fan. So when I read Duke and I so long ago, I didn’t realize I was reading a brother’s best friend trope – I just simply picked up the first book of the Bridgerton series after completing the Bevelstoke series.

Duke and I is the first book in a series about eight siblings of the Bridgerton family living in Regency London. This book is about Daphne’s love story, the fourth sibling and the oldest sister. She’s 21 years old and nearly a spinster (this is Regency England, afterall) and her prospects aren’t great because instead of charming gentlemen like a well-bred lady, she’s friends with everyone.

Enter the Duke of Hastings AKA Simon Bassett – Daphne’s brother’s friend. He’s all broody, unapproachable, and completely uninterested in marriage. They crash into each other (literally) and devise a plan to one, make Daphne desirable in the eyes of society men, and two, keep hordes of mothers from hounding Simon with proposals. Obviously, they fall for each other, much to the annoyance of Anthony, Daphne’s brother, who’s furious and challenges Simon to a duel – so drama ensues.

The best part though, is how the MCs fall for each other despite both of them not wanting to. I loved how Simon gives up his long-held (stupid) beliefs as he realizes his love for Daphne.

The nuances of the book are a bit different from the TV show. I love them both, but I’m biased toward the book, because it’s my first love. So if you’re in for a historical romance with some heat-inducing smut and an honorable brother going bonkers, here’s your book, read it.

  • Best for – Fans of the Bridgerton series on Netflix, historical romance, and chick lit
  • Not for – Readers who are sensitive to the mention of child abuse and miscarriage

4. The Chase

No products found.

I already thought Elle Kennedy can do no wrong after I read her Off-Campus books, The Deal and The Mistake, but I’m fully convinced now after reading The Chase in one sitting

This book is the first of the Briar-U series, a spin-off of the Off-campus series. We are once again in a sports romance book, which is not my cup of tea unless Elle Kennedy made it. We have our FMC, Summer, who moves in with her brother and her room/team mates and Fitz, our MMC, a hockey player who’s in denial that he’s attracted to his friend’s sister.

Sparks fly and ignite as they rightly should, and because this is an opposites-attract, forced proximity story, the fire is even hotter. Despite Fitzy’s immature reactions at first, I fell for him because geekiness and hotness is exactly what you need in a perfect book boyfriend. Summer was a bit bratty but she grew on me as the story progressed. Seeing Garret and the others from the Off-Campus series was a nice bonus.

In addition to the romance and the smut, Kennedy handled some serious issues with grace – like dysfunctional families and girl-on-girl hate – kudos to her for that.

My forever favorite from this author will be The Deal, but dare I say The Chase gave a good chase (get it?) for first place and landed somewhere pretty close to the top. Read it if you like sports romance and college stories, and there’s almost no chance you’ll end up disappointed.

  • Best for – Fans who like new adult, sports romance and contemporary romance
  • Not for – Readers who are sensitive to sexual assault, bullying, and child abuse

5. Fix Her Up – My first Tessa Bailey book!

No products found.

Tessa Bailey is another author who was recommended to me over and over. I picked this book already planning to dislike her (the title was a bit of a turnoff) but it turned out to be such a sweet read!

Georgie, our FMC, is the youngest in a big family so she’s not being taken very seriously – you know, baby of the family thing. She doesn’t join the family business, instead, she becomes a clown (I’m serious, stay with me). She loves kids, so she performs at kids’ parties and I thought that was super adorable.

Then we have Travis, our MMC, who is a major league baseball player now back home after injury. He also happens to be Georgie’s brother’s friend since childhood, and the man she’s been crushing on since forever.

This is a small town romance, and there’s a bit of fake dating too. Except, it appears that Travis can no longer see Georgie as his friend’s little sister, as she grows into herself and becomes more confident. Because it’s a small town story where everyone knows everyone’s business, there is some family drama, but nothing that can drown out the spark and the smut.

One cute, warm, and a sizzling small town romance later, I turned into a Tessa Bailey stan. So pick this book up if you need a story with all the fuzzy feelings of a crush, a first love, and some pulse-racing smut.

  • Best for – Fans of contemporary romance and small town romance
  • Not for – Readers who are sensitive to bullying and substance abuse

6. Beautiful Player

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I’ve read only the recent books that came from the Christina – Lauren author duo, so I thought of trying out one of their earlier books. Beautiful Player is the third in a series that can be read as standalones, and I picked it for its title. At the end of the day, I’m a simple girl; I see a casanova male lead and I fold.

This casanova, Will, is tasked with turning Hannah, a bookworm and his friend’s little sister, into a sultry siren (this is straight out of the book!). So basically, Hannah gets lessons on how to be sexy from the man she’s had a crush on since they were kids and obviously things turn dangerously flirty and hot.

I’m used to the smut level of the author duo’s other books like Unhoneymooners or The Soulmate Equation, so to see it taken several notches up was a welcome surprise.

I adored Hannah because she kept throwing book references at us throughout the book and I was so happy for her when she grew to be self-assured and confident. Will was such DREAM! I mean, I probably won’t go for that man IRL but man, he’s yum.

If you want a smutty romance that manages to hit all the emotional beats as well, then you won’t be disappointed with the Beautiful Player. Hell, I’d say pick up the entire Beautiful Bastards series because it’s so good.

  • Best for – Fans of Christina Lauren and fans of chick lit, erotic romance, and contemporary romance
  • Not for – Readers who don’t like the age-gap trope (7 years in this case)

7. To Love Jason Thorn

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Why are second-chance romances the way to my heart? I just can’t look away if I come across one. They just remind me that in life, people aren’t perfect and second chances are needed and almost always deserved. This trope, coupled with the fake marriage trope and the steamy sex scenes in the book, is really the cherry on top of the cake.

To Love Jason Thorn deals with lifelong love – Olive has been in love with Jason since she was 7 years old! When they have to work together as adults and are forced into a marriage together, they can’t keep their hands off of each other. Jason is possessive and I’d die for a possessive MC anyday. Olive is sweet and sexy and the smut between the two, as they deal with their fake marriage, is totally worth a read.

This is a slow read but it’s one of those books you need when you are looking for a breather from fast-paced, quick burns. It’s cute and sexy and truly worth your time.

  • Best for – Fans of fake marriage and second-chance romance tropes
  • Not for – Readers who are looking for a quick burn

8. Under Locke

No products found.

Under Locke had a super interesting setup with a biker gang and a tattoo shop and opposites attract romance, so never having been a biker girl myself, I just wanted to find the appeal.

I’m happy to say that it appealed really well. Our MMC, Dex, is a player type with a bad temper, and Iris, his friend’s half-sister is innocent and sweet as they come. She moves to Dex’s town after personal tragedy and tries to find her footing, which she finds in Dex’s tattoo shop.

The two have the hots for each other but both are in denial because for Dex, it isn’t honorable to go for his friend’s sister and for Iris, Dex spells bad boy. A series of angst and acts of jealousy later, they get together and we find out exactly how bad Dex is 🔥

There’s some suspense as well when things escalate with a few dangerous people, and I found it a bit jarring because it took me out of the love story, but that might be just a me thing. Mariana Zapata executed the steam and the romance exceptionally well, so I’d say I’m pretty happy with how it turned out overall.

Read this if you need a bad boy-good girl romance in your life. Under Locke won’t disappoint you.

  • Best for – Fans of contemporary romance and biker romance trope
  • Not for – Readers sensitive to violence, death of a parent (off-page), and injury detail

9. Mr. Wrong Number

No products found.

I discovered Lynn Painter through Better Than The Movies (like most of you, I think), and I was super excited to see how she went about an adult romance. Let me tell you, she did not disappoint.

We have Olivia, our chaotic disaster (I relate!) of an FMC and Colin, her brother’s best friend and new roommate. Roommate, because Olivia has to move somewhere after setting fire to her apartment (I did say she’s chaotic).

After receiving a random text from a stranger, Olivia and ‘Mr. Wrong Number’ keep up this hilarious back and forth which I absolutely loved. Things get flirty between them just as Olivia and Colin start to live together.

Colin has always teased and made fun of Olivia when they were kids, and Olivia dislikes Colin for his controlling, meticulous nature. Or… does she? I’d say you should pick up the book and read what happens, because anything beyond this point is a spoiler.

One thing I didn’t like much is how Colin’s character traits change across the book. Don’t get me wrong, I love a hero who grows and changes for the better, but these were more subtle changes that didn’t add up and left me confused.

At the end of the day though, this story is as cute and sexy as you need your standard romcom to be, so it should definitely be on your TBR if you love the brother’s best friend trope.

  • Best for – Fans of BTTM and contemporary romance
  • Not for – Readers sensitive to fire and injury detail

10. Rush

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Rush is book 1 of the Breathless series and my god, does it serve the name of the series well. This book is not just your typical fuzzy romance, there’s BDSM and smut involved, so proceed with caution (or frenzy 🔥).

If you’re a fan of the Fifty Shades of Grey series, then this is the book for you. It comes with the BDSM, the brooding, the rich MMC, the contract, the whole works, except with slightly less erotica (I know, I was sad about that too). What I really liked about the pair, Gabe and Mia, was the fact that they both secretly pined for each other for years, before finally jumping into bed with each other. There’s a ton of affection and history involved, along with all the smut and sex, so this is the perfect trust-building BDSM romance for those of us who are a bit on the wild side.

Maya Banks does not disappoint in this book, and I’m waiting to give the rest of the series a try. Pick it up for a steamy quick burn!

  • Best for – Fans of quick burns, fans of BDSM romances
  • Not for – Readers who don’t like BDSM or age gap romances

11. 99 Percent Mine

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Sally Thorne hasn’t let me down yet. The Hating Game was amazing and 99 Percent Mine followed through fantastically as well. This book is so freaking charming. It’s a soft read, and you find yourself just rooting for the FMC. Darcy is a total sweetheart and an accomplished baddie, and she’s not afraid to chase after her twin brother’s best friend, Tom, when he comes to renovate the cottage she’s inherited.

The heart wants what it wants and I loved Darcy because the woman has no fear going after what her heart wants. She’s the spark to Tom’s quiet nature and the pair are truly well-matched. I was laughing at the parts where she makes Tom all uncomfortable with her inappropriate comments while he’s trying to remain serious. We love a serious, kind MC over here and Tom did not disappoint. That said, we do also have some brother drama in this book. I think Jamie, Darcy’s twin, was a little bit too invested in his sister’s love life, but that didn’t take out any steam in the story for me.

If you’re looking for a fun, quirky, vibrant romance read for the weekend, then settle down with this Sally Thorne.

  • Best for – Fans of strong FMCs, fans of rom coms
  • Not for – Readers who are looking for a quick burn or erotica

12. Play with Me

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I tend to avoid sports romances (unless they’re written by Elle Kennedy, of course). Sue me, I’m a nerd. But Garrett and Jennie really redeemed the trope for me – they’re so incredibly cute together, and it all starts with friendship! I’m a sucker as any for a good friends-to-lovers story and watching these two open up to and care about each other, while enjoying certain other benefits (hint hint), really did wonders for me. It’s not just steamy between them, there’s a lot of affection too; they bring the fluff and the smut perfectly together.

The sneaking around in this book is all sorts of hot and heavy, especially because Jennie’s older brother is so overprotective. Garrett is angelic though, and so sweet and patient. He’s a jock and not my type IRL, but he’s definitely a favorite MC of mine. He’s the good kind of simp though, and the connection between the two is so obvious from the get-up (except to them. They take their own sweet time figuring it out).

The conversations between the characters though can be a little off-putting – to me, they sounded like the author was trying too hard. I wasn’t really a fan of that because it made the book drag on a little bit. But, if you’re into slow relationship building and all those forbidden scenes, give this one a go.

  • Best for – Fans of slow burns, fans of fluffy smut
  • Not for – Readers who hates sports romances, hate OTT overprotective brother tropes

13. Done and Dusted

No products found.

When I tell you I BINGED this book, I really mean it. A sexy cowboy for the MC, a girl who returns to her small hometown from college as the FMC? Done. Dusted. Sign me up.

Luke is Emmy’s older brother’s best friend, who’s been practically raised by Emmy’s well-off family because of his troubled childhood. They’ve known each other for decades and care for each other in a sibling-kinda way, which changes pretty fast once Emmy returns from college after a horse riding accident.

He may have been a bad boy in the past, but with her he’s the softest, sweetest Western cowboy. He becomes her safe space, and the way Sage builds the story to show how the trust between them develops gave me all the warm feels. I’m all for a sexy, grumpy MC but this MC who knows how to communicate, is patient with and proud of his girl is everything.

This book is that sweet, warm, small-town romance you’ve been looking for. Just read it today.

  • Best for – Fans of small-town romances and cowboy romances
  • Not for – Readers who want a fast-paced, smut-filled romance

14. The Off Limits Rule

No products found.

I devoured this book; it was so fun and swoon-worthy. I loved that the character arcs were so well-written, with Lucy who has hit rock bottom coming to live with her brother and trying to restart her life. She’s such a breath of fresh air because she’s so realistically written – she’s a fiercely independent single mother who’s doing it all.

Cooper, her brother’s best friend, is literally the perfect match for her. He’s also learning how to trust again, and together, the two of them really get a fresh start on love and life. You are left rooting for them because they’re big hearted and adorable and I just read the entire thing with a big-ass smile on my face.

The brother drama in this one is big though – it’s actually a big plot driver. Drew, Lucy’s brother, is completely against these two dating, and I could think of three times I got furious with him for his attitude. I kept yelling in my head saying, ‘Lucy and Cooper are adults, my dude!’

Despite getting mad at Drew, I truly enjoyed this book and won’t think twice about recommending it. If you need a romance that makes you feel all lovey-dovey (and a little mad), take this book and settle down with a hot drink on a cold, rainy day.

  • Best for – Fans of a feel-good romance
  • Not for – Readers looking for erotica and smut-filled scenes

15. Where Good Girls Go To Die

No products found.

I LOVE second-chance romances and I LOVE good girls who develop a darker streak, so when I read the blurb of this book, I knew I had to read it. I’m so glad I did.

This book isn’t for the faint-hearted; it’s not your typical fuzzy love story. There’s heartbreak, lies, love and hate, all rolled into one perfect romance novel. More than anything, the writing in this book is phenomenal. Holly Renee really has a beautiful way with words and I couldn’t put the book down.

Livy is working at a strip club when she runs into Parker for the first time in years. He’s her brother’s best friend and the reason why she left home in the first place. The real problem? He’s getting married to someone else and now, they have to figure out how to be friends with each other.

Where Good Girls Go To Die deals with heavy themes like infidelity and forgiveness. I’d recommend this book any day for those looking for the most perfect slowburn with themes for the more adult crowd.

  • Best for – Fans of adult romances and interesting character arcs
  • Not for – Readers who are sensitive to cheating

16. Bad Habit

No products found.

I like romance, but give me dark romance, and I’m yours forever. Forbidden love, scandal, betrayal, second chances – Bad Habit ticked all of these boxes for me. I couldn’t put the book down, not just because of the well-written characters, but also because of the plot. 10/10 to Charleigh Rose for perfectly crafting the plot and fleshing it out across the book.

I’m a total simp for bad boys and I swooned over Asher. He’s misunderstood, flawed, and an alphahole. He lives like he has nothing to lose, but completely loses it when anyone dares go near Briar! He’s total ‘I’d burn the world for you’ vibes and we are all here for it. Very simply put, Asher is Sexy with a capital S. Briar is the perfect match for him because she’s so different from him – she’s kind, committed, helpful, and very mature, even though she’s much younger than Asher.

I became a huge fan of Charleigh after this book – she gave me everything I look for from a dark romance, from heart stopping emotions to drool-worthy sexual tension. If you’re looking for a bad boy alphahole and an opposites-attract trope, this is the book for you.

  • Best for – Fans of dark romance, fans of an age gap
  • Not for – Readers uncomfortable with darker themes like substance abuse, readers uncomfortable with minors engaging in sexual activity

17. Playing for Keeps

No products found.

This is a girl-next-door-meets-hot-jock romance and it’s a fresh spin on a classic trope. It starts with a drunken night and ends with an HEA and really, what more can you ask for?

I loved that both Elise and Justin harbored crushes for each other for years, stomping down on their true feelings because Justin’s best friend is Elise’s brother. Both of them are so endearing, both individually and together. Although Justin may come off as your typical manwhore jock, his soft spot for Elise trumps it all.

Personally, I’m not usually a fan of one-night stand love stories, but this one swayed me because it had the pining and the angst before they slept together.

One night is never enough with the love of your life, as Elise and Justin very rightly realize throughout the book. It’s a sexy, fun sports romance and I 100% recommend this for all of you who want to settle down with an uncomplicated, easy read.

  • Best for – Fans of sports romances
  • Not for – Readers who are looking for serious themes

18. A False Start

No products found.

I found the Gold Rush Ranch series when I was looking for a warm and cuddly small town romance, and it really did the trope justice. Think Gilmore Girls but cuter and fuzzier and with more farmland. It’s a trope you could easily mess up but Silver doesn’t make it too formulaic – I think that’s where her charm lies. This is a series of interconnected standalones so you can just pick up A False Start without much worry.

I really, REALLY loved Nadia – what a well-written FMC! Girl really knew how to learn from her past, grow, and deal with her mental health, all the while falling in love with her brother’s grumpy best friend, Griffin. Total girl crush, for real. And the fact that she first kissed him in a bar, and only saw him again two years later, on her brother’s ranch? Ugh, so perfect, that pining and dreaming about that one interaction. The two really complement each other; he’s grumpy and she’s sassy so there’s a perfect push and pull between the pair.

Like Nadia, Griffin has amazing character development too. He’s like the definition of ‘if he wanted to, he would.’ He changes for her! I mean, what more can you ask for, right? The age gap of fourteen years was an added bonus for me!

Elsie never fails to make me cry, so yes, I was bawling by the end of this book. It’s so character-centered and you get so emotionally connected to all of them. The book can get a little slow towards the end, but I’d recommend not giving up on it.

  • Best for – Fans of an age gap, small-town-romances
  • Not for – Readers who are looking for a quick burn and readers who are not into age gap romances

19. The Secret to Dating Your Best Friend’s Sister

No products found.

I loved, loved, loved  The Secret to Dating Your Best Friend’s Brother (the title’s a little on the nose, true)! Why? Simple reason, the MMC, Bram. My hero. The myth. The legend. He’s everything a girl could ask for, seriously. The effort this man puts into making his girl happy, showing her how much he loves her. I ask you, why would anybody settle for any less?

Julia, Julia, Julia. The FMC. I’m torn about her, to be honest. She’s highly accomplished and a freaking dating expert, but can’t figure out what she has right in front of her. Thankfully for all of us, Bram is patient, kind, and not ready to give up on his forever-crush. Together, both of them give us a quirky and warm romance – a Meghan Quinn special. After all, I only pick up an MQ book when I want to feel good.

This one’s for all of you who want to laugh while wanting to throw a book at the FMC for being so stubborn. She’s a we-love-to-hate-but-will-root-for-her kinda girl. Read it for Bram, though. Stay for Bram. Dream of Bram.

  • Best for – Fans of rom coms, feel-good romances
  • Not for – Readers who are looking for a quick burn and smut-filled scenes

20. The Bookworm’s Guide to Dating

No products found.

I’m a sucker for a good romcom so when I came across this book, I had to give it a go and it DID NOT disappoint. It’s about a close-knit group of friends so it was instantly warm and fuzzy and funny. I found myself rooting for all the characters because of how close they are with each other.

The biggest plus for me? Kinsley, our FMC, is a bookworm, owns a bookstore, and spends her time dreaming about book boyfriends (hitting really close to home there!). I really related to her character and how she struggles in the modern dating world, plus I absolutely loved the ‘I’ll teach you about dating’ trope of the book. Kinsley and Josh are the perfect friends-to-lovers and they are both the right amount of quirky and goofy. These two are sweet, but don’t get me wrong, the sex scenes are steamy.

It’s a quick and easy read; it’s got realistic characters, it’s funny, it’s romantic, need I say more? This is your perfect weekend read.

  • Best for – Fans of friends-to-lovers, fans of close-knit friend groups
  • Not for – Readers who’re looking for a slowburn

And there you have it! Those are my top 20 brother’s best friend books, and I know you’ll believe me when I say I can’t get enough of this trope. I’ve been head-over-heels with it since I started reading because of all the sneaking around and the angst it brings to the relationship. Hope you enjoy the books as much as I did and happy reading.

What to read next

If you loved these recs I’m pretty sure you’ll be up for cozy and warm love stories that heat up at just the right places. Check out my list of best hockey romance books (which I read after convincing myself sports romances can be as adorable as any other romance.)


1. What is the best friend’s sibling trope?

It’s a romance trope where the main character falls in love with their best friend’s sibling. The most common stories from that trope are where the girl falls for her brother’s best friend.

2. What is small town romance trope?

Small town romances take place in, guess what, small towns. These stories are intimate, often slow burn, and feel like a warm cup of coffee on a rainy day.

3. What is a slow burn romance?

Slow burn is when the main characters take their sweet time falling for each other. It’s sometimes frustrating, but the buildup, the angst, the denial, and the pining are all what makes those romances appealing.

4. Does Ugly Love have spice?

Yes. Ugly Love has a bunch of smutty scenes – a lot more than CoHo’s other books.

5. Is Twisted Love series connected?

Yes, the Twisted series (that start with Twisted Love) is connected, but the books can be read as standalones because they focus on different couples in each book.

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