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3 Self-Publishing Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Self-publishing is as much about avoiding the wrong things as it is doing the right things.I’m a strong advocate that almost any self-publishing tactic can work well if applied properly and mastered.However,

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Why Book Covers Matter For Marketing

Often, the most powerful aspects of book marketing are overlooked due to their simplicity.A lot of self-publishers fall into the trap of seeking out super-complex marketing strategies in the hope of gaining

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How To Market Your Book – Expert Methods & Resources

Do you ever feel like your book is a tiny fish in a vast ocean swimming with larger, meaner predators?If you are struggling to get your book noticed, don’t become despondent. It doesn’t necessarily

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Kindle Categories

Kindle categories cannot be overlooked.Spend some time around the self-publishing community and you will come across countless tales of authors crafting well-written books, agonizing over their choice

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