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Ever find yourself looking for the best? I know I do. That’s why I’ve put together a definitive ranking of all Nerdy Book Gadgets and Gizmos! Cruise these posts and see exactly which product is best for you. 

The 10 Best Blue Light Filter Glasses of 2019

Nowadays, it’s kind of hard to avoid. We are in the age of technology after all. The Digital Era. But as much as this tech can make our lives easier or entertain, it can also put a strain on our minds and bodies. More specifically through harmful light rays.

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The 10 Best Book Stands of 2019

The unsung heroes of our realm are Book Stands. These handy devices are much more critical than many give them credit for. They allow for great hands-free operation for those with tired arms or dirty fingers. Some are even doing their part to help alleviate some of the challenges experienced by those with special needs.

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Best Floor Lamps of 2019

Do you have any bookworms and bibliophiles on your gift list? If so, a great floor lamp could be just what you’re looking for!  These make great gifts for college students who study all night, late-night readers, writers, or just anyone who needs to spruce up a room.

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Best Book Reading Lights of 2019

Whether you need a book light for reading in bed, or just need a book light to help improve your reading experience, I’ve taken the time to research, and test the best reading lights and book lights on the market.

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