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Joe Dispenza Books: 7 Recommendations You Absolutely Must Read

joe dispenza in our featured list of his books

Joe Dispenza is a world-renowned author and speaker on the subject of self-empowerment, personal mastery, and human potential. He has written many books to help people become healthier in body, mind, and spirit.

If you read this site, you’ll know that I him a big reader of self-help books. I love to find new ways to improve myself. But I’ll admit, until I started researching for this post, I had never read a book from Dr. Joe Dispenza.

But I have now, and let me tell you, it’s some next level woowoo stuff. And I don’t mean that in a bad way.

Dr. Joe focuses on how powerful the mind is, and it is powerful, probably more powerful than we think, drawing on both neuroscience and ancient wisdom for his sources. There’s a reason why people can improve when they take a placebo pill, because our mind is often more powerful than the things we put in our body.

That’s the general premise of the Joe Dispenza books, that your mind is capable of doing so much more than we think it does.

So let’s dig into some of the core principles that he covers in his books, which books I would recommend, and in what order.

I’ve arranged these books in order from most popular to least popular, but you can really read them in any order you want. Personally I recommend starting with the first book on this list.

Here’s a table with everything on it, but you can also keep reading to get my full breakdown of each book.

1. Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon

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This book is all about how we can evolve and experience whole new levels of the human experience. To do so, we need to start thinking and acting differently, and to shift our perspective on life. This book asks you to step outside the box and find a higher level of consciousness.

Joe uses his personal story as an example for you, as he talks about his journey from anxiety ridden low-level thinker to someone who was able to overcome obstacles that were once too difficult for him to manage alone.

He goes into detail about how he overcame his challenges- not by brute force but rather by embracing what scared him and allowing himself the space and courage to explore it.

This is a book about how we can be more and do more. It talks about getting out of your comfort zone and finding new ways to think. It also mentions people that have overcome huge obstacles, like cancer patients going into spontaneous remissions.

I enjoyed this book because it helped me to look at some of my challenges from a different perspective. I realized that what had been holding me back wasn’t as insurmountable as I thought it was.

I recommend this book if you want to start thinking differently and learning more about yourself, your potential, and how important mindset is for success in life.

2. Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One

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This is the second book on the list. This one is all about breaking free of your limiting beliefs and finding out who you really are. It discusses how to take control of your life by first understanding what you want to do with it.

It’s an easy-to-read, practical guide that will teach you how to change your brain and change your reality. There are instructions on exercises you can do daily to help yourself to upgrade.

This book can help you find out if you’re moving in the right direction for the person that you want to be, or if you need to make any changes. And it’s not just about thinking differently, but also about acting differently.

I recommend this book if you’re looking for a step-by-step approach to changing your life.

3. You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter

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In this book, Joe breaks down the placebo effect as a real physiological phenomenon that is capable of changing our body’s response to illness, pain, and even aging. To demonstrate this point, he shares his own personal story about when he learned about the placebo effect in school. He then goes on to share research that supports this theory, all while disproving the idea that what you believe in isn’t enough to make any changes in your life.

The key message of the book is that your mind matters. Your thoughts are more powerful than you might think, because they can change how you feel physically. This book contains research and exercises to help you create changes in your life by shifting your mindset. It also attempts to answer the question of whether or not you can re-create the effects of a please see but without being tricked by an external substance.

It’s fascinating stuff, and I cannot recommend it enough. These first three that I’ve gone through are probably my favorite of the bunch.

4. Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality

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This book is a well-written, detailed exploration of how our minds can affect the material world via quantum physics. It does a good job of explaining these infinite possibilities and why they’re important.

The way that the author explains that physics could be changed by our thoughts is interesting enough, but he goes into detail to explore other ways that this would work as well. He talks about the power of belief and how these beliefs have been shown to change outcomes in many different areas from economics to sociology to medicine.

The part I found most interesting was his discussion of the scientific evidence behind a variety of mystical phenomena, including accessing mystical realms, developing our ancient understanding, and creating measurable changes and profound healing in our own lives. It’s a little strange, but kind of fascinating at the same time. I almost couldn’t stop reading.

5. Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind

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Next, we have Evolve Your Brain, this is a book about the power of changing your mind and how this can improve the quality of life.

It’s all about understanding what you’re thinking, why it is that way, and learning to change when necessary. Dispenza tells us that we don’t need to understand every thought in our head; all we really have to do is be aware of them.

This book talks about how we can change the way we think and feel by using different thought patterns to create new neural pathways in the brain, affecting brain chemistry. He also discusses what you need for success as well as relaxation of your thoughts so they’re more open to change.

It’s a good book, and just like the others on this list that are based in science, it has practical advice for how you can use your mind to create changes in your life. I highly recommend checking it out if you’re looking for ways to improve yourself as a person!

6. The Reinvention of Self: A Guide to Changing Your Reality from the Inside Out

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These next two items on the list are only available in audio form, because they act as a kind of guided meditation.

Joe Dispenza’s The Reinvention of Self is a guided meditation that focuses on memory, the brain and biology. It helps you to understand how your mind works by focusing on memories of past experiences in order to create new ones for future events.

I actually like these because they were more tactile, more likely to make me listen harder. Also, they are practical, with exercises and techniques that you can put into practice immediately as you listen.

7. Meditations for Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

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The last book on this list is by Joe Dispenza and it’s called Meditations for Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. It’s a companion work of audio for the book about breaking the habit of being yourself.

Like the previous entry on this list, it is an audio only title, which originally came as a two disc set, but which you can also find online. It’s a series of meditations designed to help you become more aware of the different parts of your body, and on alternating your brain so that you can enter your subconscious mind where those nasty habits exist, so that you can change them for yourself.

If you like Joe Dispenza’s books, then you will appreciate these meditations, because they really help you put his principles in action.

Joe Dispenza’s Story

Joe Dispenza is a neuroscientist and researcher who has studied the human mind for over 20 years.

He has an interesting story of his own.

When he was 25 he was run over by an SUV while doing a triathlon, and he broke six vertebrates in his back.

He was told that he would never walk again after they perform surgery, so he refused surgery in favor of simply willing himself to heal.

I know that sounds a little far-fetched, but after a few weeks of meditating constantly, his body actually responded well. It’s now 30 years since this originally happened, and the good doctor hasn’t hardly had any back pain since.

He’s a wonderful example of practicing what he preaches, and having the personal experience to back up the science of what he actually teaches.

Which Book Will You Pick Up First?

Has anything I’ve said sparked an interest in you? If so, which book do you intend to read first?

I personally recommend starting with Becoming Supernatural, as that is one of the most popular items on this list for most readers. It’s also the first book of his that I read myself, and I highly recommend it.

I know some people think of his work as coming through unscientific means, something akin to witchcraft, but I guarantee that you will find something worth exploring in his books. After all, he tries his best to keep everything grounded in actual science, as well as numerous documented cases, and there are definitely areas of this realm of spiritual truth that are clearly real, but science has yet to catch up in figuring out how they’re real.

I hope you enjoy!

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