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Awesome Self-Publishing Resources For 2018

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How was your 2017 in terms of self-publishing success?

Perhaps you achieved all the goals you set and are aiming to take things to the next level in the new year.

Maybe 2017 didn’t quite go as planned. You might not have completed everything you intended, or maybe life threw you a curveball and things didn’t work out the way you hoped.

No matter how the past year was for you, 2018 represents a chance to refocus, hustle hard, and turn your dreams into achievements.

To offer a helping hand, we’ve gathered up some of the best content from round the web.

If you find any of the following useful, please take the time to check out the blog or website and see what else they have on offer. Each and every blog or website is a rich resource packed with useful ideas you are sure to love.

Enjoy, and here’s to your success in 2018!

Self-Publishing School’s Newbie Guide

One of the most common problems I find with self-publishing content is a presumption of existing knowledge.

I get why it happens.

For writers, publishers, bloggers, and other authorities, the knowledge and skill needed to release a book is almost second nature. A lot of people offering advice have been active in this niche for years.

For newcomers to the self-publishing world, this can feel very discouraging. It’s easy to feel like you’re late to the party if you don’t have a grasp of the basics.

Self-Publishing School is a great place for newcomers. Their content is easy to digest and presented in a friendly and non-intimidating manner.

A prime example is Self-Publishing School’s 13 step guide on how to self publish a book.

Chandler Bolt breaks down the lengthy process of publication in 13 simple steps which anyone can easily understand.

If you’re just starting out, or know someone who is, Self-Publishing School is more than worthy of your time and attention.

Develop Habits With The Help Of NYT Bestseller Jeff Goins

If you didn’t achieve everything you wanted to in 2017, the chances are you didn’t have the right habits in place.

Jeff Goins is a bestselling author and all-around helpful dude who shares concisely written, personal gems of wisdom on his blog, GoinsWriter.

In his guide to setting habits, Jeff talks about how choosing the right daily habits has been a lot more effective for him than setting goals that never seem to get fulfilled.

It’s definitely worth it to read Jeff’s full article, as he has a way of expressing profound ideas concisely that is inimitable.

To get you thinking along the right lines, envision something you really want to achieve in 2018. Next, try and imagine the regular habits that will make it come true.

If you want to write a novel, what kind of daily writing habit would you need to put into place to make it happen? If you want to learn a new skill, how much time each day should you dedicate to it?

Jeff’s blog is full of beautifully written content that has the feel of a friend offering heartfelt advice. No matter what problem you face, Jeff probably has a blog post to help you out.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

An Injection Of Inspiration Courtesy of Jane Friedman

Self-publishing is not easy. It requires focus, a tolerance for risk, multiple skill sets, and a little bit of luck.

It can be easy to become dejected and put writing and publishing on the back burner when life gets tough.

If 2018 gives you some difficult hurdles to overcome, I’d urge you to check out Audrey Berger Welz’s guest post for Jane Friedman.

Consider the following extract –


“Truthfully they expected I had about twenty minutes of life left in me, but I surprised them. I lived! They went in and operated, again, and again, and again—four major surgeries in two weeks. I was put into a medically induced coma for close to three weeks, and was on feeding tubes for about a month. Later I was told that I had had less than a one percent chance of survival. Yet I held onto my dreams. I hadn’t quite finished my novel and was oh so close. I hadn’t held my book in my hands, so I could not die.”

Isn’t that one of the most inspirational things you’ve read in a long time?

Drawing on positive and inspirational role models is one of the best ways to find inner strength and determination when we most need it.

In addition to this inspirational guest post, Jane’s blog is packed full of smartly written, useful content from someone who has truly walked the walk in the world of writing and publishing.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Keep Your Knowledge On Course With Create If Writing

We probably live in a time when knowledge is more readily available than ever before.

How cool is it that we can learn almost anything from our computers?

It’s often possible to take a high-quality course which makes a genuine difference to our daily life and work without paying a single penny.

Kirsten Oliphant runs the Create If Writing blog which is an upbeat, quirky place full of cool content.

Particularly useful is the list of free online courses specially chosen with self-publishers in mind.

Kirsten’s list covers a wide range of topics including writing, social media, blogging, and even broader life skills. No matter what you are looking to improve upon in 2018, there is almost certainly a free course on the list to help you on your way.

Happy New Year From NerdyBookGirl!

Hopefully, you’ll take action and check out the above resources.

After all, there’s no time like the present to start walking the path towards your goals for the new year.

NerdyBookGirl will continue to bring you a mix of ideas and inspiration throughout the coming year.

Until then, Happy New Year, and here’s to a successful 2018 for us all.

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