10 Best Book Stands and Holders of 2021 – UPDATED!

There are many things in this world that are underrated. The smell of freshly mown grass. Great home cooked meal. T. Rex (The 70s band, not the dinosaur– he’s still pretty BA too though). But what about in the world of reading and writing?

The unsung heroes of our realm are Book Stands. These handy devices are much more critical than many give them credit for. They allow for great hands-free operation for those with tired arms or dirty fingers. Some are even doing their part to help alleviate some of the challenges experienced by those with special needs.

So without wasting any more time… let’s bang a gong, get it on, and discuss the 10 best book stands of 2019.

Top Ten Book Stand Reviews

#1. Uncaged Ergonomics Book Stand (Best Overall)

Adjustable Height and Angle Ergonomic Book Holder reading textbook stand for big heavy books studying in bed couch sitting standing at a desk tablet document laptop durable lightweight aluminum,Silver
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Raise reading materials to eye-level and stop slouching | Height Range: 0-21"
  • ADJUSTABLE ANGLE: decrease page & screen glare. Eliminate eye strain. Panel locks in 15-degree increments
  • OPEN SPACE BOTTOM: Helps de-clutter & organize desk space. Perfect place for taking notes!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: All aluminum | sturdy, durable, and portable | Collapses Flat
  • PERFECT for studying, reading textbooks, cookbooks | Slips over your lap in bed to make reading more comfortable | Securely holds the largest, heaviest textbooks

Out of all of our options, the Uncaged Ergonomics stand came out on top. This stand can do it all. Whether it’s reading in bed or cooking in the kitchen, the Uncaged Ergonomics reigns supreme for all your book stand needs. Let’s take a look at why.

Adjustable Height and Angle

  • The height is adjustable up to 21” making it ideal for almost situations Use it in bed or on your tabletop. The angle of the holding tray is fully adjustable and locks in 15-degree increments.

Open Space Bottom

  • This is a really useful feature. When used on your desk, you can minimize and even help declutter your workstation. Place your reading material on top and your other supplies underneath. Another great thing about this feature is when reading in bed. You can place it over your legs or lap minimizing the stress on your body.

Made out of Lightweight Aluminum

  • This makes it perfect for kitchen or workshop use. It is sturdy and non-porous which makes it great for using around raw foods or chemicals.

Collapses Flat

  • Not only is it lightweight, but it has the ability to collapse completely flat. This makes it great for portability and transportation.

2. LEVO Hands-Free Stand (Best for Bedtime Reading)

LEVO Hands Free Book Stand for Hard Covers, Paperbacks, CookBooks, TextBooks, Magazines
  • LEVO book holders float books in front of your line of vision while you sit, recline, or lay.
  • You might like to add the LEVO Clip-on LED Light, or our eBook and Tablet Platform Kit.
  • Patented cantilever design swings out over your furniture. No need for clearance under furniture.
  • Adjustable height, swing, tilt, spin, fold, and roll perfectly position your book.
  • We're dedicated to perfecting your reading time. That's why we now include a Limited LIFETIME WARRANTY

When it comes to bedtime reading, the LEVO Hands-Free Book Stand really shines through. This makes reading in bed a much easier experience. Let’s take a look at some of the features that enable this book stand.

Fully Adjustable Design

  • You can adjust just about every aspect of this book stand! You can adjust the height of the stand from anywhere between 30-56” making this ideal for reading from any piece of furniture.

Cantilever Swing Arm

  • Its adjustable swing arm easily extends over your chair or bed. It also is easily adjustable on a five-point axis to make sure you have the best reading experience possible.

Sturdy Wheeled Base

  • The sturdy base of this unit is heavy enough to support a book weighing up to 4 lbs. Yet, it’s easy to maneuver around due to the casters mounted on its underside.

3. ScanJig Pro Plus (Best for Special Needs)

ScanJig - Transform Your Phone or Tablet into a Productive Document Scanner + Book Scanning. Helps People with Low Vision or Blindness as Well as Those with fine Motor Difficulties.
  • WORK FROM ANYWHERE ACCESSORY – Scan and then email, copy, fax or upload to the cloud. This rugged stand can be adjusted to hold your Phone or Tablet in the correct position for fast, precisely aligned scans of documents, checks, books and photographs. NO EXTRA LIGHTING or POWER NEEDED
  • NO NEED TO STAND OVER THE DOCUMENT – AVOID SHADOWS & GLARE - Work from a comfortable seated position facing your tablet or phone’s touch screen. This sturdy stand’s patented angled design helps capture more day or room light, avoid shadows and reduce glare. FLASH NOT REQUIRED
  • TABLET SUPPORT - Molded plastic parts provide firm support for both tablets and phones (e.g., iPad Pro 12.9 inch , iPhone 12 Pro )
  • ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY – CUSTOMIZABLE SOLUTIONS - Helps people with low vision or blindness as well as those with fine motor difficulties. The stand provides easy tactile and guided positioning of both your mobile device and document. On the first scan; get correct alignment, field of view and accurate text recognition OCR. Pair with software/apps and create a customized assistive technology solution.
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY - Your mobile device becomes a portable document scanner. Stand folds down and snaps shut to easily fit in a backpack or suitcase. Just open the ScanJig, place your device, and start scanning in seconds. With BUILT-IN GUIDES you can quickly scan up to 10 pages per minute.

Sometimes, life throws you curveballs. But, that doesn’t mean we still shouldn’t swing for the fences.  For those who need that extra boost, this is the perfect book stand. The ScanJig Pro Plus is much more than an ordinary book stand. It can be a real game changer for those with special needs.

Scanning Stand

  • The ScanJig comes with stable support for your phone that you can use to scan your documents. These can then be used in coordination with different text to speech apps in order to help decipher the printed text.

Open Design

  • This stand is designed with open angles to allow maximum light penetration thus minimizing pesky shadows that interfere with scanning capabilities.


  • This book stands folds up nice and neatly so it can be carried with you wherever you go. At full fold, it can be squarely placed inside your backpack.

4. Readaeer Book Stand (Best for Messy Areas)

Readaeer Metal Book Stand for Desk Portable Document Holder for Cook Book, Music Book, iPad, Laptop, Reading Rest with 7 Adjustable Positions and Page Paper Clips
  • MULTI-ANGLE ADJUSTABLE: Concentration drops if your neck is not in a proper position when reading. This book stand can help you read at eye level by adjusting the switch to a suitable position without straining your neck, back and shoulders, good for spinal health. 7 grooves offer 7 different viewing angles. Enjoy reading in your best comfortable position.
  • DURABLE & STURDY: The plate of this book stand is made of metal. It’s equipped with two strong paper clips to accommodate your giant books, print-outs, notebooks, etc.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT & PORTABLE: This book stand is light-weight and can be folded easily, you can carry it everywhere. You can take it to class, library, and office or use it as a tablet holder for kids and adults.
  • SIZE: 11.2 x 9.3 x 0.4 inches (28.5 x 23.6 x 1cm). Fit for home, school, office, library, dorm, etc.

Ever need a reading stand in a messy area? Maybe you’re baking cupcakes and need a helping hand to hold that recipe? Or perhaps, you’re in your auto shop flipping through user manuals and repair guides? You need a sturdy book stand to handle it and one that can be cleaned afterward. The Readaeer is just the stand for you.

Sturdy Construction

  • This book stand is constructed out of a sturdy metal plate. This makes this an ideal book stand to be used around rugged areas. Plus, it’s non-porous. Meaning minimal pathogens can creep inside the materials.  Simply wipe down with your favorite antibacterial and you’re good to go.

Heavy Duty Holding

  • Since this book stand is made out of stronger materials, its weight capacity is much larger than most other stands. This allows for a very large book ranging from your standard run-of-the-mill textbook to a Standard Operating Procedure for a turbine driven electric plant.


  • The Readaeer has seven different angles that it can be adjusted to. This ensures you always have the right angle when getting down and dirty.

5. Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray (Best for Bathtime)

Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray, 1 or 2 Person Bath and Bed Tray, Bonus Free Soap Holder (Natural)
  • 🔛ADJUSTABLE AND SLIP RESISTANT - This Bathtub Caddy Tray was Specially Designed to Fit Most Bathtubs Available on the Market. It has Biggest Extendable Sides up to 43 Inches and Non-Slip Silicone Grips to Protect Tub Caddy from Sliding.
  • 💧WATERPROOF, STURDY AND BUILT TO LAST - This Unique Bathtub Caddy Is Made of the High Quality Bamboo Wood and covered with a thin protective coat of lacquer.
  • 🍷NEWEST DESIGN - Bathtub Caddy Tray with a Waterproof Book or Tablet Holder, Wine Glass Slots and Two Removable Trays for Bath and Spa Accessories.
  • 💕BATH CADDY FOR TWO: Royal Bathtub Caddy Designed to Comfortably Accommodate a Couple in the Tub. Two Side-Trays, Extendable Handles and Accessory Slots Make it a Perfect Fit for Both: One or Two Bathers at Once. Bring Romance into Your Life! Perfect Choice for Anniversary, Honeymoon or Romantic Date Night!
  • 🎁FREE SOAP HOLDER - The Best, Cost Effective Way to Transform Your Bathroom

What’s better than a nice glass of wine, a scented candle, and a good book? Doing all this in the bath of course! And now you can with the Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray. Keep your book safe from the bubbles with this bamboo book caddy.

Multifunctional Trays

  • This caddy holds more than just your book. There are two trays on either side of your book that you can use to hold other things such as a bookmark or highlighter. The caddy also comes equipped with two indented rounds perfect for holding that glass of Pinot and a nice candle.

Waterproofed Bamboo

  • This book holder is made out of a lightweight, yet durable bamboo. This makes it easy to move into place or take down. Along with that, the bamboo has been waterproofed as not to deteriorate your product over time.

One Size Fits All

  • The caddy can be extended lengthwise to fit just about every standard size bathtub.

6. SmartMe Portable Stand (Best for Travel)

SmartME Ultra-Light 150g Portable Transformer Book Stand 5 Step Angle Adjustable Smart Pad Mount
  • Trendy item for intellectuals
  • 150g Ultralight and Ubercompact Portable Book Stand - Thanks to a size small enough to perfectly fit in one’s hands, it now comes in handy when studying or reading anytime, anywhere.
  • Stable 4-point mounting system - Newly improved 4-point mounting system as an upgrade to the previous 2-point mounting system to enhance learning efficiency!
  • Spider Book Stand that becomes one with the body- Combines book and book stand with upper/lower fasteners, One can read comfortably sitting or lying down.

Reading is one of the most popular options to do on long flights because let’s face it… those in-flight movies are never really that good. But a big problem with reading on an airplane is the space. You are in a very cramped area with no room to stretch (particularly in coach). Save your arms from awkward cramps and soreness with this book stand. The [SmartMe] portable book stand is perfect for these types of situations. 


  • This book stand has the ability to fold into a size slightly larger than your standard flashlight. This makes it ideal for traveling in your backpack carry-on.

Lightweight and Durable

  • This book stand weighs in at just over 5 ounces. This is one of the lightest books stands on the market. You should have no problem transporting this or exceeding your weight limit due to this item. Although it is light, the [SmartMe] is constructed of a high-grade ABS plastic which helps keep it tough enough for your purpose.

Stable 4 Point Support

  • This feature helps to eliminate curling and folding of books and their covers– especially near the ends of the book.

7. Book Stand Holder for Kids (Best for Kids)

Book Stand Holder for Kids on Desk - Portable, Lightweight Easel Stand with Adjustable Angles, Clips and Clamps to Hold or Display Books, Tablet, Mobile Phone, Music Sheets, Art & Drawing Block
  • 📚【DURABLE & PORTABLE】: Our book stand holder is designed to be strong and lasting, withstanding long-term wear and tear. Weighing 0.2 lbs, the stand can be folded thin and compact so it's easy for kids to carry around with in their hands or sliding into their backpacks.
  • 📚【EASY TO USE】: Our lightweight easel stand is adaptable with various sizes of books, sheets and devices. The clips and clamps are adjustable while the holder can be rotated 360 degrees - helps children with turning pages and keeping their hands free while they read or write.
  • 📚【HEALTH BENEFITS】: Our practical book stand holder promotes proper spinal posture and prevents eye strain. As our reading stand is adjustable, you can educate your children about good posture without hunching back. Also to encourage kids to sit and read instead of lying down - which will ruin their eyesight in the long run.
  • 📚【PERFECT GIFT】: Our book stand and reading holder is an ideal gift for kids at their birthdays, celebrations and parties! The brilliant colors are eye-catching and fun, it's such a great gift for children to use for their everyday life!
  • 📚【SATISFACTION GUARANTEED】: Each book holder for kids we sell is inspected carefully and packaged well to ensure that it’s safe and of the highest of quality. If for any reason you feel that it does not meet your expectations, do reach out to us and we will get things right for you.

Do your kids love to read? Or do they need a little encouraging? Perhaps a book stand of their very own is just what they need! The book stand holder for kids is great for those little bookworms in training. 

Kid Friendly

  • This book stand was designed purely with children in mind. It has smooth rounded edges with no sharp corners. It’s also made with safe non-toxic materials so you can rest easy with this around your tykes.

Easy to Setup and Learn

  • This book stand is super simple to use. There is no assembly required. Just slide the backboard into its desired position and you are ready to go.

Health Benefits

  • These book stands are ergonomic, promoting proper spinal posture and helping with eye strain. Plus it helps you children to sit to read instead of lying down.

8. OEF Portable Lectern (Best for Presenting)

OEF Furnishings Height Adjustable Portable Lectern Stand - Mahogany (OEF70MY)
  • Versatility: OEF Furnishings Portable Lectern Stands are reliable and affordable option without compromising on quality and appearance. These models boast a modern attractive design which makes for a multipurpose lectern, perfectly fit for virtually any public speaking venue.
  • Style: A mahogany wood finish with a beautiful smooth surface. Lectern boasts a generous 16”x20” reading surface for presentation materials with a durable hard rubber paper/book stop.
  • Height Adjustable: The steel frame adjusts with ease using the handy screw on knob handle. It adjusts from 30 to 44 inches.
  • Quality: Our lecterns can withstand the day-to-day wear and tear. Built with our state of the art high pressure thermal-fused laminate will prevent damage that may result from exposure to heat or moisture. All surfaces are scratch and stain resistant! The 16-GAUGE steel frame is super sturdy and strong for long lasting use.
  • Usage: Protective floor glides are height adjustable turning counter clockwise. Solidify the four prong legs on uneven flooring or outdoors. Our lectern is a perfect fit for both indoor and outdoor events.

Are you part of a book club that reads aloud? Or, do you have a presentation you need to give? Most people don’t give enough credit to the lectern. These large, but versatile book stands are ideal for reading aloud in front of groups. There’s already the pressure of an audience. You don’t need that pressure being transferred to tired arms as well.

Beautiful and Simple Design

  • This lectern’s construction is an elegant, yet simple design sure to draw the attention of those before it. It comes in various finishes of cherry, oak, and mahogany. 

Wide Top

  • The top of this stand is 16” x 20” making it ideal for large books.

9. HENGSHENG Bamboo Stand (Best Functional Decor)

Bamboo Book Stand - wishacc Reading Rest Holder Cookbook Cook Stand/Foldable Tablet PC Textbook/Music Document Stand/Desk Bookrest with Retro Hollow Elegant Pattern
  • Made of high quality bamboo, stable and sturdy
  • Adjustable to five different angle,conveniently set the angle for keeping the correct posture so that the spine is healthy
  • Multi-function bamboo bookstand, ideal for support different size and style books, Tablet, Painting Books,Cookbook, Sheet Music,Textbook, Tablature, Catalogs, etc
  • Conveniently folding down flat when not in use,You can carry this light-weight and space-friendly portable stand everywhere. Fit easily in mid to large-size bags or backpacks
  • Dimension:28x20.5x1cm/”11x8.1x0.39". Fit for home, school, office, library, dorm,etc

Who says function can’t be fashionable? This is definitely the case with this awesome looking book stand. The HENGSHENG book stand is made out of ornately carved bamboo sure to get noticed. But not only does it look good… it works great. 

Stable and Sturdy

  • Made out of high-quality bamboo, this book stand can support books of all sizes.

Flat Folding

  • Folds flat when not in use to easily be accommodated in a medium sized backpack.


  • This book stand can be adjusted to 5 different angles ensuring that you can read at your leisure.

10. Esschert Design Cast Iron Cookbook Stand (Best Iron Book Stand)

Esschert Design Cast Iron Cookbook Stand
  • Esschert Design cast-iron cookbook stand provides the perfect resting spot for any cookbook while keeping it open to exactly the page you need
  • Practical and beautiful; an item you will want to proudly display
  • This traditional Victorian cast-iron cookbook holder with an antique rust finish will be an elegant addition to your kitchen counter
  • Just lay your book on this sturdy stand, and the weighted page holders will keep your pages laying flat and easy to read
  • Measures 10-7/10 by 5-1/2 by 9 inches

This iron stand is designed to bring life into any kitchen. Your cookbook will look just great when perched upon this stand. It does require some assembly, which may be difficult for some. Yet, when completed, this Victorian-inspired piece of art is well worth it.

Iron Cast

  • Sturdy and strong. This piece is very difficult to break.

Weighted Page Holders

  • This stand comes equipped with elegant weighted page holders ready to keep your pages flat and easy to read.

Things to Consider when Purchasing a Book Stand

Purchasing a book stand doesn’t have to be the most difficult decision in your life. Let’s take a look at a few factors to consider when purchasing a book stand to make your process a little easier.

Height and Weight

When purchasing a book stand, you must take into consideration the dimensions that you need. Some book stands are great for tabletop reading, while others excel for other places. But what is the ideal height for you?

Did you know that if you focus on something too close to your eyes that you are putting undue strain on them? Or that looking at something too far away does the same? It goes beyond just nearsightedness or needing bifocals. Those with perfect vision can also fall prey to these conditions. This can lead to future eye problems or worsening of current ones.

According to healthguidance.org, the book or paper you are reading should generally be between 16 and 21 inches away from your eyes and a little bit below eye level. It’s actually easier to read looking down than looking up. Remember to keep this in mind when searching for a new book stand.

Another thing to take note of is the weight. For instance, would you want to get a cast iron book stand for an elderly individual or a child. Obviously, the answer is no. But besides from that why else should you worry about weight?

Let’s say you are reading in bed. You are following proper guidelines with the book stand on your lap with the book balanced inside. How heavy is your book? How heavy is the stand? Depending on the combined weight of the two, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. That could be just enough pressure to push down on your legs to reduce blood flow or place unwanted pressure on your nerves.

By keeping height and weight factors in mind when shopping, you are sure to make a better decision with your book holder selection.

Adjustability and Portability

Some people have a designated reading area. They have a special chair or bed they go to when ready to curl up with their next new adventure. But… others don’t. Some can just plop down anywhere and get right into it.

Now for those stationary readers using book stands… adjustability and portability become less of an issue. Simply find the right size with the right angle, and you’re all set. However, for those less static, these factors can become very important.

For instance, those using e-readers would love angle adjustability. We all know how it goes… sometimes the angle of our laptops or e-readers isn’t quite suited for the ambient light. Well with laptops, the solution is easy. Just angle your screen accordingly. E-readers or tablet-like electronics are a different story. These must be adjusted by being held differently and sometimes in awkward positions.

An adjustable book stand definitely can help with those kinds of situations.

Portability is another huge consideration. Is it practical to carry a full-size lectern from the living room to the kitchen just to hold your cookbook? No. What about travelers? Is it practical to bring a non-collapsible wrought iron book stand? Absolutely not.

Speaking of travelers, do you know the weight limit for international carry on baggage? It’s roughly 40 lbs. That includes the bag and its contents. Those who intend on doing some reading on a long flight may want to consider using their book stand. One designed for travel may be just what you need.


Material considerations are definitely something you should pay attention to. Here are two reasons why.

  • Strength

Material strength can be very important when choosing a book stand. Let’s just say you spend most of your time reading heavy textbooks. A simple plastic stand just isn’t going to cut it. The plastic may easily snap under the weight of the heavy book. But if you are using the book stand for smaller books (such as bedtime stories for children), maybe a plastic stand is a better option. One common lightweight material used is bamboo. Bamboo combines the best of both worlds allowing for maximum weight with minimal strain on the stand. As we will see next though, bamboo is not necessarily the best for all situations.

  • Intended Use of Stand

There are many reasons why one would use a reading stand. Some use them in bed. Others at a desk. But what does this have to do with the material of the stand itself. Everything. For example, you use your book stand in the kitchen to hold up your recipe book. You are making your Grandma’s world famous chicken pot pie. YUM! Now, in this recipe, it calls for cleaning and preparing a whole chicken. As those who cook know… cleaning a chicken can get a little dirty sometimes. But that’s ok. We can just clean it up, right? Well, yes and no.

Let’s just say some of that chicken juice went flying and got onto your book stand. With wooden or bamboo book stands… this may not be desirable. You see, the wooden or bamboo stand may actually soak up some of that chicken juice along with whatever bacteria may be hiding in it. Wiping this down will help, but the risk of contamination is definitely still there. In this case, a metal or sturdy acrylic may be best. The Spruce Eats puts out an interesting article on this as it applies to cutting boards, but the principle is still the same. Use non-porous materials for kitchen use.

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