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The Best Wall-Mounted Reading Lights: 8 Great Options

bedroom with a wall-mounted light fixture attached

What would you say if I told you that wall-mounted reading lights are the best thing to trend since the bees knees?

Now, before you call me crazy, hear me out. There is a new trend in the lighting world where people want to be able to read at night without having an ugly lamp on their bedside table or taking up space on their desk. So they put these lights right by their headboard and voila! They have light no matter what angle they are laying in bed. Each wall light can also be used as task lighting for cooking or crafts projects, so it’s not just for reading!

What follows is my recommendations for the best wall light.

To start, here is a quick look at everything I recommend. I’ve selected these based on their overall functionality, style, and general coolness factor.

So let’s dive in…

First, for those who just want the goods, I have a list of all of the items that I have selected right here in a convenient list.

For those who want more detailed information, keep reading past the list for my main breakdown.

1. Acegoo Bedside Reading Light, Minimalist LED Bed Reading Lamp

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The Acegoo Bedside Reading Light is best for its simple and modern design. It can be easily adjusted to produce a bright reading light which will not hurt your eyes.

It has a stylish slim body that makes it easy to carry while traveling or moving house, but the biggest selling point of this wall-mounted reading lamp is the energy efficient LED bulb which gives you bright white lighting without heating up like other lights do.

With Acegoo Bedside, you don’t need to worry about changing bulbs frequently because the long life (100000 hours) LED bulbs are very durable. You can also use rechargeable batteries with this best wall mounted bedside lights so that there is no problem when power goes out during emergencies or storms!

The only disadvantage I can see, is that it uses a white light and not a warm light. And as everyone knows, warm lights are the best for reading.

That said, it’s still one of the best in value overall, is highly recommended, and will last for a loooooong time

2. Plug in Wall Sconces, PARTPHONER Swing Arm Wall Lamp with Dimmable On Off Switch

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Like the best-selling Acegoo lamp above, this PARTPHONER Swing Arm Wall Lamp also adopts LED lights. The best thing about this modern wall light is that it can be adjusted in many different angles which allows you to adjust the lighting easily based on your needs.

This bedside lamp also has a switch located at the bottom of its body so that you can turn it off and on conveniently anytime when needed.

The only disadvantage I see for this breakfast nook lamp is that it is not rechargeable, meaning if there’s no power source near by, they won’t work…but most people don’t normally need these kind of task or accent lights during blackouts anyway right?

3. Dimmable Touch Bar Lights Wall Mounted Reading Light

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The Dimmable Touch Bar Lights Wall Light best fits modern and stylish interiors.

They are small in size but provide enough light to read comfortably at night without putting too much strain on your eyes or being distracting to others due to their very soft glow.

What I like most is that they have a wireless design which makes it possible for you to stick these lights anywhere around the house like under cabinets, closets, bedside corners (perfect when reading before sleeping), or even inside book cases!

This wall mounted task lighting has an anti-glare design so it’s perfect for low ceiling areas where head room may be limited. And if you don’t want wires running across your wall, you can also use these to create a minimalist look.

The only disadvantage I see is that some people may want something brighter, which would require another step up in price or more lights.

But if you are looking for energy saving reading light panels, this one will be perfect!

4. HomeFocus USB LED Reading Swing Arm Wall Lamp Light

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HomeFocus USB LED Reading Swing Arm best suits your bedroom or office.

It has a modern design with adjustable brightness to meet different lighting needs. You can also adjust the swing arm lamp at any angle, so it’s ideal for places where head room may be limited like under cabinets, low ceilings, bedside holders, and task lighting in book cases!

The best thing about this best wall mounted study lights is that it is very easy to install due to the removable bottom clip-on clamp wall mount that allows you to quickly attach them onto walls without needing tools.

The only downside is that they do not have an adjustable brightness, which means you can’t dim it down to get softer light for reading or brighten them up when more light is needed!

But if this wall sconce beside bed doesn’t bother you, then I highly recommend these lamps!

5. Noble Wooden Magnetic Dimmable 360° Rotatable

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The Noble Wooden best suits your modern home or office.

It has adjustable 360° rotation, brightness, and a wooden base that makes it more stylish than other desk lamps on the market. These reading lights are perfect for people who need to adjust their lighting based on different activities like studying, working, crafting…etc!

The only downside I see here is that some may find it to be too small for a swinging wall lamps when compared to the other swinging arms on this list.

6. HomeFocus Bedside Wall Lamp Light with Outlet

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The HomeFocus lamp is one of my favorites, based on its stylish design. It provides softer lighting, then most of the items on this list, but doesn’t sacrificing functionality.

One thing that I like about this particular lamp, is that it has a wall outlet included, so if you needed a way to plug in your phone into your nightlight, this is the lamp for you.

It does have a wire, so it does need to be plugged into the wall, and this may be annoying for some, but overall it’s a great lamp.

7. Modern Wall Sconce Set of 2

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This modern wall sconce set is one of my favorites, and definitely the most stylish item on this list.

Its modern design makes it blend with the room in a way that enhances and doesn’t take away. It’s made of pollution free materials that are lightweight, durable, and easy to install.

Plus they are designed in a way where there is no wire, so they look perfect wherever you put them, whether that’s the bedroom, the office, or literally any room in your house.

What to Look For in a Wall-Mounted Reading Light

When looking for best wall mounted reading lights, there are a few key things to look out for.

First thing is that you want a light that has dimmable brightness and adjustable direction of lighting.

You also need to make sure it’s easy-to-use with an outlet included or not depending on your preferences. It should be able to provide constant illumination even if power goes out since most best task lamps have batteries built in them these days!

And last but definitely not least, they must blend well with any décor style because after all, this lamp isn’t going to work if it looks weird next to your couch/bed/desk etc.. So keep those factors in mind when making your purchase.

Why Should You Buy a Wall-Mounted Reading Light over a Desk Lamp?

A wall mounted reading lamp is a great alternative to traditional desk lamps for reading, because they provide the right amount of lighting you need in different places around your home.

Wall-mounted lamps are best for people who want to save space in their living room, office, or bedroom. Though they don’t provide the same level of brightness as some traditional desk lights, wall mounted reading lamps will free up valuable real estate on furniture and counters that would otherwise be taken up with a lamp.

And that about does it! Let me know if you have any questions, and I will be sure to get back to you. Also, I would love to know if you have a book light for your reading, and what your experience has been with them so far.



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