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The 7 Best Rachel Hollis Books You Need to Read Right Now

rachel hollis

Author Rachel Hollis is one of the biggest names in self-help books. Her most famous book, Girl, Wash Your Face has been a bestseller for months and it’s easy to see why. It covers topics from her personal life experiences which makes it relatable to so many women out there.

In this blog post we will list some of the best Rachel Hollis books that you can read right now!

Who is Rachel Hollis?

Rachel Hollis is a motivational speaker and the author of several best-selling books. She has helped millions of women live their lives to the fullest!

She’s from Texas, is married to her husband, Dave Hollis, and has not one, not two, but FOUR children. And that’s all in addition to her incredible career as a writer, coach, and mommy blogger.

In other words, she’s the living epitome of “having it all.” And, like many others in my space, she has been a huge inspiration on me.

Her Non-fiction Books

Rachel Hollis is probably best known for her non-fiction. Her bestselling book, Girl, Wash Your Face, quickly became a sensation, and she is now known all over the world.

But she also has a few that you might not have heard about. So let’s dive in.

1. Girl, Wash Your Face

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This book has been on the bestsellers list for months, in fact it was the second highest bestseller in all of 2018, and it’s not hard to see why. It covers topics from her personal life experiences which makes it relatable to so many women out there.

The book covers the various lies that many of us women tell ourselves and our told throughout our lives. Each of these lies is torn apart, cross-examined, and uncovered until she examines the truth beneath them.

What makes it better, is that her writing style is hilarious, and she doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to the life advice that she gives. It is exactly what you need to get motivated, find your path, and never look away.

2. Girl, Stop Apologizing

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In 2019, Hollis released another bestseller entitled, Girl, Stop Apologizing. It was the follow-up to her first mega bestseller.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “live your truth”? This phrase has become almost a cliché, and the sort of thing people roll their eyes about when you are you talking about it.

But Rachel Hollis really goes into detail about what this means, and what happens when we fail to live our truth. This includes letting things like perfectionism, feelings of inadequacy, grief, and embarrassment keep us from doing those things that we want to do, or the things that would help us thrive in our own fields.

This book is perfect for women who are interested in living a more vibrant, fulfilling life. It’s the go-to book for those looking to stop apologizing and really live their truth.

3. Didn’t See That Coming

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Hollis wrote this book during the 2020 pandemic, and it’s exactly what I think most of us need during a time like that.

But what she writes isn’t just for recovering from the pandemic, but for recovering from any huge upset in our lives. Because let’s face it, stuff happens. We can’t always predict the horrible things that are going to happen to us, so how do we prepare for that, how do we deal with it, and how do we recover from it?

These are all questions that are answered in Rachel Hollis’s book, Didn’t See That Coming.

This book is perfect for women who are looking to get a better handle on their emotions, and learn how to process them in a healthy way that doesn’t lead us down the path of self-destruction.

4. Real Life Dinners

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If all of that wasn’t enough, you may be surprised to know that Rachel Hollis also has a cookbook!

It’s called Real Life Dinners, and focuses specifically on crafting realistic meals for the family, especially when you’re a busy mom like she is.

This isn’t exactly a health book, it’s not keto, paleo, whole foods, or anything like that. But the recipes are balanced, and great for the average family.

If you’re one of those people that feels like they just don’t have any time to cook, or don’t know how to make meals that are balanced, this is the book for you.

Her Fiction Books

I didn’t know this until I started researching this post, but Rachel Hollis actually has some fiction as well. Each book complements her nonfiction, cross-examining certain underlying assumptions that we all have, and exposing them for what they really are. So let’s take a look at her trilogy of books.

5. Party Girl

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The first of the trilogy is called Party Girl. It’s an interesting look at what happens when we get what we want, and the potential underbelly of the things that look so glamorous to us.

The story follows a young girl named Landon Brinkley who is from a small town in Texas. She’s given a glamorous internship with an event planner for the rich and famous.

But as she begins to work with these Hollywood A-listers, she begins to realize that not everything she dreamed about is really all that fantastic.

She’s faced with the decision to follow her truth, or continue in the shallow world. It’s a perfect example of the type of situations faced by her nonfiction readers, a demonstration of her principles at work.

6. Sweet Girl

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Hollis’s second fictional book is called Sweet Girl. It’s a bit more intense, because this time there’s romance in it!

This book follows a different woman, named Maz Jennings, who really wants to become a high-end pastry chef. When she gets a chance to study at the feet of a world-renowned master, she simply can’t refuse the offer.

But then she finds herself falling for a man that she once hated, trying to deal with the high demands of her job, all while struggling with some difficult secrets from her past.

This book is a perfect example of the chaotic lives that Rachel Hollis books are trying to help us navigate. It’s an action-packed, romantic adventure that readers can really sink their teeth into.

7. Smart Girl

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Lastly, the third book in her trilogy is called Smart Girl. This is the one that’s probably my favorite, because it follows a young girl named Miko Jin, who is an extremely intelligent but also very sheltered young woman.

She’s never fallen in love, never had the opportunity, but has read countless books on the subject. When she finally meets someone, she decides to put all of her theoretical knowledge to work, to try and make him love her back.

Unfortunately, this does not work out so well for her, and she is faced with a number of tough facts of life.

Once again, this book is a perfect example of the types of problems that Rachel Hollis’s nonfiction readers are facing in their own lives.

Will You Read the Fiction or Nonfiction Books First?

The choice is up to you! I would recommend that if you’re feeling overwhelmed in your life, go for the nonfiction books first. They will probably give you some comfort and show examples of how the principles can be applied in real life.

But the fictional trilogy is also fantastic as well, especially since it’s an easy read with romance and quirky characters.

Whatever you decide to do, you’re going to have a fantastic time reading.

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