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My name is Samantha Howard, but you can call me Sam.

I’m a self-proclaimed Master of Empty Carbs, Royal Servant to my little feline, and Self-Publishing geek who just loves finding ideas and advice about book marketing. NerdyBookGirl is my little piece of the Web where I explore anything interesting related to self-publishing and book marketing–or reading and writing in general!

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These are some the Nerdiest, Bookiest Posts I’ve got! Need to know the Best Reading Lamp? Got you covered! What’s the deal with Publisher Rocket? Find the answer below. And if you need to know who makes the best cuppa around… Well, don’t got that quite figured yet, but let me know if you do!

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Book Lists

These are my favorite posts to write, and it gets me reading a TON of books. Check them out!

Want to know what category your book (or someone else's book) is ranking for? Try using my Category Tool here.

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